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14.06.2017, 06:19
Jared Paben

My father, Gary, was stationed in McNair Barracks in 1973 (6th U.S. Infantry, 3rd Battalion, Bravo Company, I believe). He hasn't been back since, but I'm traveling there for the first time next week and I'm going to get some photos of what it looks like for him. I suspect it will look very different from his photos, given the extensive renovations they did to turn it into apartments.

I'm also going to send him a link to this website. I think he'll be eager to read about happened before and after he was stationed there.

Thank you!
11.06.2017, 04:40
Tony Marcello

08.06.2017, 21:49
Tim Higgins

I was stationed at McNair barracks I was the mail clerk drug and alcohol counsler and I drove for Cpt Ricardo Cantu
15.05.2017, 21:45
Joanne McMahon

Was in 7350th Air Force Group transportion 81-84". Would like to hear from anyone who served in the beautiful city. Miss those days!!
20.04.2017, 23:24
Bob Barnwell

Served HQ-3-6 9/68 to 12/69
24.03.2017, 21:07
Ronald B. Goudeau

I served in HQ 3/6 Infantry from January 1978 to February 1980.
22.03.2017, 22:19
David C Barton

As the Son of a "Spook Soldier Spy" (ASA FSBerlin - Teufelsberg) 68-71 & 76-79, I will never forget our time spent @ Andrews Kaserne. We lived, of course, in Zehlendorf Housing, and as a Family attended both Church and Battalion Functions (BBQ/Picniks) many times @ Andrews. Swam and Bowled there together as a Family. Front Gate area still had the concrete Wehrmacht Soldaten at that time.
06.03.2017, 16:46
Lena Eggers

Hello everyone,

my name is Lena and I am a PhD candidate at the Max Planck Institute in Berlin.
I investigate Wester Allies soldiers’ and officer’s clubs in postwar Germany in the 1940s and 1950s.
I am very interested in personnel stories, documents like letters, photos etc.

Does anyone of you made experiences with those clubs or are there any descendants of someone who did?

I am very looking forward to your response. Thank you very much.
28.02.2017, 01:49
Charlie FitzGerald

My father was Deputy Chief of Mission at USMLM from 60-62. Anyone work with him or remember him? Also anyone lived there during the same time to help me remember life there. I was pretty young and have a few memories. Finally anyone know a person named Ernie Fletcher. His name was in my father's notes but I do not know what his connection was to the Berlin Brigade or USMLM or Potsdam. Thanks
22.02.2017, 19:46
Siegfried Paul Edward Gates (Gerlach)

Lived in Berlin, Tempelhof until Dec. 1958. Live in USA since then. Interested in finding Edward Zimmerman.
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