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09.07.2017, 00:58
John Lutzel

I was stationed with the 592nd Signal Company in Andrews Barracks from October 1960 until April 1962. I was there when the Berlin Wall went up August 13, 1961. I also met my wife there. We have been married over 54 years, live in Arizona and have 4 grand children. I was very fortunate to be stationed here in, what I call "My second city" after my hometown of NYC.
19.06.2017, 21:14
Merete Mueller
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Hello, I was born in the Duppel Housing complex (at once was once 638 Strasse) in 1984. My dad was in the Berlin Brigade from 1981-1985.

I am also a documentary filmmaker and I am working on a short film about my family's history in the area and a trip we made back to Zehelendorf in the winter of 2015. Many of the street names in the area have been changed and it took us quite a while to locate the building we had lived in when I was a baby.

I am wondering whether anyone might have any video footage of the neighborhood from the 1980s - my parents took many photos but no videos. I would be very interested and very grateful to anyone willing to share clips that show what the neighborhood looked like during the time that we lived there.

All best,
14.06.2017, 06:19
Jared Paben

My father, Gary, was stationed in McNair Barracks in 1973 (6th U.S. Infantry, 3rd Battalion, Bravo Company, I believe). He hasn't been back since, but I'm traveling there for the first time next week and I'm going to get some photos of what it looks like for him. I suspect it will look very different from his photos, given the extensive renovations they did to turn it into apartments.

I'm also going to send him a link to this website. I think he'll be eager to read about happened before and after he was stationed there.

Thank you!
11.06.2017, 04:40
Tony Marcello

08.06.2017, 21:49
Tim Higgins

I was stationed at McNair barracks I was the mail clerk drug and alcohol counsler and I drove for Cpt Ricardo Cantu
15.05.2017, 21:45
Joanne McMahon

Was in 7350th Air Force Group transportion 81-84". Would like to hear from anyone who served in the beautiful city. Miss those days!!
20.04.2017, 23:24
Bob Barnwell

Served HQ-3-6 9/68 to 12/69
24.03.2017, 21:07
Ronald B. Goudeau

I served in HQ 3/6 Infantry from January 1978 to February 1980.
22.03.2017, 22:19
David C Barton

As the Son of a "Spook Soldier Spy" (ASA FSBerlin - Teufelsberg) 68-71 & 76-79, I will never forget our time spent @ Andrews Kaserne. We lived, of course, in Zehlendorf Housing, and as a Family attended both Church and Battalion Functions (BBQ/Picniks) many times @ Andrews. Swam and Bowled there together as a Family. Front Gate area still had the concrete Wehrmacht Soldaten at that time.
06.03.2017, 16:46
Lena Eggers

Hello everyone,

my name is Lena and I am a PhD candidate at the Max Planck Institute in Berlin.
I investigate Wester Allies soldiers’ and officer’s clubs in postwar Germany in the 1940s and 1950s.
I am very interested in personnel stories, documents like letters, photos etc.

Does anyone of you made experiences with those clubs or are there any descendants of someone who did?

I am very looking forward to your response. Thank you very much.
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