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01.10.2013, 23:38

Thank you so much for this site! It brings back some nice memories!
22.09.2013, 18:32
don hannum
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Stationed with the 42nd from 1967 till 1968
07.09.2013, 21:34

Thanks for the maps! From them I made a quick 3-d model of the T-berg post at
Enjoy. Any info on Mari that is of use?
15.08.2013, 01:10
Jim Williams

Berlin MEDDAC 88-91 played rugby for the Yanks. Love Berlin and its people
04.08.2013, 16:42
Klaus Lassen
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Hello everybody,

I've a BIG question: Is anybody here in this Guest book and was during the Berlin Brigade soldier or staff in this unit??

Hq. Berlin Brigade G 4 Division Procurement Branch APO US Forces 09742 Berlin

Very like I want contact with him. I've some question to a truck that was a unique vehicle within the US forces in Berlin.

A magirus-Deutz 16 ton crane.

Thanks and regards

Klaus Lassen
28.07.2013, 08:05
Tom Connors

This message goes out to Desiree Dzhong concerning information that may help her research the status of her father-in-law--if she is still trying to find him.
26.07.2013, 01:40
Desiree Dzhong

I am searching for the father of my husband. We only know that he served in Berlin at least from 1986 until 1988. He was Afroamerican maybe with Latin American roots and we know that he had one or two other children.
The name of my husband's mother is Amal bent Lamin Rhilam and her parents are originally from Morocco.

Please if there is anybody who was based in Berlin in this period who could imagine who this man could be or anybody who got some pictures of the soldiers based here in this period please contact me!! This is the last possibility we have to get to know something about him!

We are not asking for anything! My husband only wants to see his father once in his life to get to know where he comes from! As my husband himself already is a father of four he has to know that!

Thank you for your time and I really hope somebody here could help me!

Best regards

Desiree Dzhong
23.07.2013, 22:12
Bob Topp

FSB, B-Company, Andrews Kaserne, 1972-1973. We were among the first to work in the new facility on Teuffelsberg as the leaky old field station was being fazed out. I was a 98C04B, but ended up as a draftsman working for a civilian, finishing up documentation on the new structure's wiring, etc. There were too many good times to recount them all, but cycling around Berlin and through the Greunewald were high points for me.
05.07.2013, 20:00
Raymond F. Phillips

I arrived 2 days before the switch over from 6th inf to 502nd, Served 84-86 in 6th of the 502, HHC, and in the line company. I have the fondest memories of Berlin and the Army from that time.
29.06.2013, 19:16
Rich Sarratori

Klobucher, Shelton, Fuller, Johnson, James, Diblasi and Diehl. Time of my life.. Sapper Strike.... 4 Deuce..
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