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02.12.2013, 23:44
Bob Gomes

Looking for old friends 59-61
30.10.2013, 23:28
Craig Kinney

Does anyone know how I can get a copy of my daughter's birth certificate? She was born at the Military Hospital in Berlin in 1975. Thanks for any assistance.
16.10.2013, 17:30
Victor St Clair

I served in C/2/6 Inf from 10/62 - 4/64; @98th Army Band 4/64 - 4/66, 3/67 - 4/70, 5/71 - 4/76.
11.10.2013, 01:47
Mark Lissor

I was at Tempelhof from 1979-1982, 7350th Security Police. Very fond memories of my time in Berlin, the people, history, food and the best assignment I had in 20 years of service. Thanks for the memories.
10.10.2013, 18:44
Walt Bowlby

I was at Templehof with the U S Air Force 1968-1972. I was an ELINT Radio Operator in the 1946th comm Squadron. I loved my stay there. I went back later in 1981 (?) to visit for 15 days... I will always love Berlin, the friends I made there and so many fond memories.
01.10.2013, 23:38

Thank you so much for this site! It brings back some nice memories!
22.09.2013, 18:32
don hannum
EMail:  Homepage: http://

Stationed with the 42nd from 1967 till 1968
07.09.2013, 21:34

Thanks for the maps! From them I made a quick 3-d model of the T-berg post at
Enjoy. Any info on Mari that is of use?
15.08.2013, 01:10
Jim Williams

Berlin MEDDAC 88-91 played rugby for the Yanks. Love Berlin and its people
04.08.2013, 16:42
Klaus Lassen
EMail:  Homepage:

Hello everybody,

I've a BIG question: Is anybody here in this Guest book and was during the Berlin Brigade soldier or staff in this unit??

Hq. Berlin Brigade G 4 Division Procurement Branch APO US Forces 09742 Berlin

Very like I want contact with him. I've some question to a truck that was a unique vehicle within the US forces in Berlin.

A magirus-Deutz 16 ton crane.

Thanks and regards

Klaus Lassen
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