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29.06.2013, 19:16
Rich Sarratori

Klobucher, Shelton, Fuller, Johnson, James, Diblasi and Diehl. Time of my life.. Sapper Strike.... 4 Deuce..
26.06.2013, 20:47
Neal Grove

Served at Templehof with US Air Force 6919th Security Squadron 1976-78. Lived in the building with the other single enlisted men and women. Remember: NCO club and Fri/Sat German American nights? Movie Theater just outside the main gate? Going to Snoopy's (bar) and dancing to the disco DJ? Great times. Thanks for the memories.
13.06.2013, 22:45
Jimmy G. DeLaVega

I was in B2/6 INF,from Nov 1976 to Jan 1980.Guarded Rodolph Hess,changed gaurd with the Russian Honor Gaurd.Was 18 yrs old,what a culture shock.Trained hard,partied harder.
11.06.2013, 21:29
Charles E. Henry

My husband "Chuck" Henry (passed away 4/22/98) was a staff sgt with the Berlin Brigad SS Division - Meatmarket Supervisor - from 1967 through April 71. We lived in the old officers quarters on Pritchard strasse (I think :-) We both loved our years there and I worked at the Harnack House for 2 1/2 years. Many good friends made and two of which I am still in contact with.
09.06.2013, 21:00
tom park

I was with the 2nd. bn. 6th. inf. from june 64 to feb 13 Mant. plt.
08.06.2013, 15:29
Michael Römling
EMail:  Homepage:

Hello to everybody,

I am preparing a novel about Berlin at the time of the construction of the Berlin Wall, and I need some information on the US Mission, the Clay Compound (especially the interior), customs in the Berlin Brigade, uniforms, cars etc. If someone who reads this knows a former member of the Berlin Brigade who served in Berlin by that time, I would be very grateful if you could introduce me to that person. I have many questions and it would be great to talk to a witness!

Thanks in advance,

Michael Römling
04.06.2013, 15:51
Greg Gaweda

Served in 6-502ND IN from 1989-1992. Watched the wall fall after a battalion hail and farewell the same night. Walked the subways used by my mother to escape as the wall went up. My youngest son was born there. Wore my Berlin Bde combat patch proudly to Afghanistan and Iraq.
03.06.2013, 05:32
Gordon Wilson

Served at Andrews Barracks 1966-1967 Service Company
31.05.2013, 16:04
Susanne Kiewitz
EMail: kiewitz@gv.mpg  Homepage:

Hello to everybody.
Currently the Max Planck Society is renovating the Harnack House which is used as the society's conference hotel.
To tell people more about the interesting history we are bringing up an exhibition. I am looking for photographies of the american periode to show them in the exhibition or the booklet to tell people about every day life during the American days. Unfortunately it is very difficult to find photographies. I am especially looking for photographies of the Marine Bar, dancing hall and the Bar. If anybody could help us by sending private photographies I would be very glad to hear from you! It would be nice to have pictures which are showing how the rooms looked like and how they were used.

Thanks a lot for helping!

Susanne Kiewitz

Max Planck Society
Public Relations
31.05.2013, 15:24
Robert Huber

served in 592nd Signal out of Andrews '71-'73. Part of my duty was working several stories underground at Tempelhof in a teletype room and at Brigade headquarters.
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