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20.05.2013, 14:23
Tom Murawa

I was stationed in Berlin June '69 thru Sept. '71, lived in Andrew's Barracks, ASA Military Policeman; worked on the "hill", Grunewald, and a site next to the Wall. Good memories, thanks for the web-site.
09.05.2013, 18:34
Scott Ingledue

served 89-92 met and merried the girl of my dreams. Saw the wall fall. voluteered for the gulf. turned 21. some of the best years ever.
05.05.2013, 20:48
A. Alex Arce

Served in Berlin 1987-1990 as part of the Berlin Brigade Headquarters, General Staff, Berlin Brigade.
03.05.2013, 14:54
Kenneth Powell

Served with 5-502d Inf., 1987 - 1990, as the PAC Clerk.
02.05.2013, 20:09
Tom Taylor

I was with C 3/6 INF from 1981 to 1984 in 3rd PLT. I was involved with the Berlin Rodeo Team. I am looking for Kim Cary from Field Station. If anyone knew Danee' Price (Thompson), she passed away from cancer in 1995. She and I were great friends. Feel free to contact me.
02.05.2013, 02:36
Joe Cruz

Served with HQ company 4th Batt. 18th Inf. July 1964 to April 1967. E5 Commo platoon
28.04.2013, 03:33
martin plys

Had the privilege of serving 2 tours in Berlin. 1972-1976 HHC and B Co 3/6th Infantry (Bn Commo Platoon and B Co Commo Chief, 1983-1986 HHC Berlin Brigade and Office of the US Commander Berlin. HHC Berlin Brigade - Chief of HHC and Separate Company Personnel Administration Center (1 year) and (2 years) as the Admin Supervisor in the Office of the US Commander, Berlin. The USCOB was Major General John Mitchell and Chief of Staff Col Jack Clark. The greatest experience in Life - Berlin. -
24.04.2013, 20:09
Ben Steele

Was at McNair Barracks from Dec 70 to Feb 72. HHC 2/6 Recon. Many wall patrols and Liaison Missions. Lots of fond memories, but they do start to fade... Would love to hear from anyone who would like to talk Berlin Brigade.
24.04.2013, 09:49
Scott Downing

I was in Berlin from 87-89 A.Co Field Station Andrews Barracks. 3rd Floor Army side
19.04.2013, 20:28
Jose M. "Papo" Santiago

Served in the HHC 5/502 and then, HHC BBDE. Best duty station. Miss my puertorican buddies. Good luck to all of them that still around. Too many good memories.
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