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19.04.2013, 20:07
Jose Santiago

Wow!!! it's been a while since I visited the site. What a change!!! I'm impressed!! Keep it up.
18.04.2013, 17:42
Kelly K

My dad was a part of the Berlin Brigade, US Army. We lived in Berlin from 1978-1980/ I went to TAR, we lived on Taylor Strasse. Loved it and learned a lot.
16.04.2013, 20:06
Jason Bacon

I was with E-320th FA from 1990-1993 "REDLEG"
14.04.2013, 01:40
Kurt Kummer

I was stationed at McNair with C 94th Field Artillery from 1983-1985. Rank: E-4. Drove the M577 (Command variant) Armored Personnel Carrier. Best memory is late evening walks to “The Hähnchen Stand” near the back entrance to the base. The U. S. Army and the city of Berlin both made my two years there one of the best times of my life!
13.04.2013, 03:10
Cheri Krupka

I was stationed in Berlin Nov'91 to Nov '93. Started in 6th Support and ended in HHC. Feel free to message me if you remember me. Boy I miss Berlin!
12.04.2013, 00:03
Larry Harris

Served in Berlin with CO B 232nd Signal Battalion 1st Inf Division early 1963.
05.04.2013, 21:35

November 1962 thru November 1963 78th ASA worked at Rudow the famous Berlin Tunnel site. (Sgt) Bob Mack was our trick chief. Also worked with Marlar, Dearden, et al. We bunked at Andrews. Many memories. Whadda town. I am in Petaluma, Calif for many years. Also worked at Mt. Schneeberg in Bavaria (another ASA site)
05.04.2013, 13:22
Ron Reid

I was in Berlin, 42nd Engineer Co. at Andrew Barracks 64-67, SP5 Ron Reid...One Leg...
29.03.2013, 12:28
Thilo Perlick

I`m a native Berliner, and I realy loved the times with my American friends in Berlin. I will never forget all the fun I had. Can´t believe how the time go´s by so rapidly. Today Berlin Zehlendorf/Steglitz is fully in Russian Hands. No more American sounds and lifestyle.
Good luck to all Americans who served in Berlin from 45 to 94, I miss you.
28.03.2013, 16:06
Dan Vogt

I was in Berlin - McNair Brks. B CO. 4th BAT. 18th INF. 1/'68 to 8/'69. Would love to hear from anyone there at that time!
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