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26.03.2013, 20:43
Lawrence Kunze
EMail:  Homepage: http://berlinbrigade

Served in the Engineer Platoon attached to Hq & Hq, 3rd BG, 6th Inf. 60-61. Best friends then were Company Clerks Vinyard and Schlofsk. They could cover DR's till you rotatesd.
26.03.2013, 20:10
Stanley G. Gallegos, MSgt, USAF, Retired

I served with the 7350th at TCA from 1980 to 1983 and have many great memories of this wonderful city. My second son was born in Berlin on 29 Dec 1980 and I remember driving home after visiting my wife at the hospital on Dec 31st as the fireworks were going off. I loved the people and the city. One of the best assignments I ever had during my twenty years in the Air Force. Someday I hope to revisit this wonderful place.
24.03.2013, 19:54
Carolyn Walters

I was a civilian with the Service Club Section of Special Services and was one of the "Blue Suits" assigned to the All American Service Club at McNair Barracks 1962-64. Some of my best memories are of Berlin and especially the guys at McNair. That was indeed an interesting time to be in Berlin. If by chance anyone was in Berlin during that time, I would love to correspond with you. My email is
24.03.2013, 05:47
Jim Freeman

If anyone remembers me please write
24.03.2013, 05:39
Jim Freeman

served in Berlin from 75-78 in 42nd Engineer Co. Doing a lot of thinking lately. I miss the people the food and all the good times
23.03.2013, 00:10
Erik Molbach

I served with S-4 in the 4/18 after leaving B company in 1966. I was ration breakdown clerk and worked with Sgt Harper, then Sgt Billy Maddox. Looking for Logan Edward Tisdale from B/4/18 who left in early '67, I believe. I also miss Don McGuire from recon in HQ/4/18 and Paul Greenfield.
Ration breakdown was the best job I ever had, and I've had over 100.
Please contact
Thank you for this great website!
20.03.2013, 03:53
MSG Keith A. Felger (Ret.)

I served in 4/502 INF from May 1987 to June of 1990. Guarded Hess when he committed suicide, saw the wall come down, had to drag my wife away kicking and screaming. My last year I was the Bn Operations Sergeant, Had a great boss Maj Kidder, wonder where he is now.
19.03.2013, 19:59
MSG (Ret) Mark A. Andrews

I served in Berlin from 92-94, closed it out, with the 6-502. Fond memories! My family loved the assignment there.
18.03.2013, 07:05
Mike Bik

Stationed at Andrews Barracks 1/67-2/68. SP-5, started out in Finance and ended up in Personnel. The Pizza and all nighters on the weekend down the street were great! Are there any of you I worked with still out there? Great site with a walk down memory lane!!
14.03.2013, 13:32
Dennis Sprague

Hi, I served with the small helicopter detachment at tempelhof from 1971 to 1972. I served as a Crew Chief(67N20)on board the UH1D's. If you served in the unit at that time, then drop a line or two. It was pretty good duty!
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