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23.01.2013, 17:56
Jovino Gutierrez

5-502nd Infantry 1985-1988
S4 and B Company Supply Sergeant
17.01.2013, 22:52
SSG/Ret Walter E. Torres

I was station in Berlin from Nov 76 to Dec 79, in A3/6 Inf in McNair Barracks. I was the best time I spent in Berlin, I learned alot about life, first time out of Jersey City, NJ to Berlin what a big deal for me. Made lots of friend and very good memories wish I could go back and see it now. Looking old friends just hit up anytime.
10.01.2013, 09:30
Nick Spencer

I was in CSC/Scouts 6-502 1984-1987 then I stayed as a civilian for two more years . Served with some of the best troops I ever had the honor to serve with ! McPeters , Hoy , Long , McConnell , Hall , Stoneking , Marinez , Morris , Salvo , Huertas , Rosado , SFC Pedro , Lt.B. Nelson ,Capt. Russell the list is to long to remember . THANKS FOR THE OUTSTANDING MEMORIES !!!
05.01.2013, 15:36
Roger Ackroyd

Worked in British section FSB as a wireless tech Royal Corps of Signals 75-76. Happy days. Regards to all.
03.01.2013, 05:14
James Gallimore

I served as a PAC Clerk for HHC Berlin Brigade from 1983-1984. This website brought back good memories.
29.12.2012, 21:03
Carl Opeka

I served in the 42 Eng Co. stationed at Andrews from 1963 to 65. Still remember Checkpoint Charlie, and the Wall which I saw fall. Been back to Germany three times. Berlin once.
28.12.2012, 19:42
Gary Waldorf

I spent 18 months 1955/56 in Andrews Barracks and was a Post office clerk @ Andrews, Clay Alley and finally at the 6th inf Barracks. also played on the golf team...Best duty in the best post in the Army. This was before the wall went up and life was interesting.
14.12.2012, 22:33
George Garriott

HHC Berlin BDE
Allied Staff Berlin
Dec 85 - Dec 88
26.11.2012, 17:55
Hollis Edward Whitley

I ran the Service Station there during the early thru mid 70's. I would like to enform everybody there is a Facebook page named Berlin United with a dove Icon. We already have 460 members. Its a new page that allows you to meet fellow Berlin Brigade members as well as Berliners. We hope to get around to having get-to-gethers and perhaps some reunions. each state should have a contact soon so stop by and visit or even join.
04.11.2012, 06:01
Jeff Brown

My dad (now deceased) was with the American Red Cross in Berlin 1962 - 1965. (I was 6 to 9.) We lived one year on Am Hegewinkel and then two up on Goldfinkweg in the Pücklerstraße housing area.
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