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02.11.2012, 03:36
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Reading through this article reminds me of my previous roommate! He continually kept preaching about this. I most certainly will send this information to him.
01.11.2012, 00:41
leonard littlejohn

i was with the 42 engeneer unit april 69 oct 69
just a short stay but good.
looking for someone there at the same time
26.10.2012, 05:18

served Aco.3/6 5 5/502 inf from 83 till 86 SGT.
13.10.2012, 00:31
Humberto Montalvo
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I was stationed there from 1978 to 1982 with FSB Berlin. Worked as a Customs Inspector and as A Military Policeman at T-Berg. Best 4 years of my military service. Retired from the Army with 20 years of service. I now live in Puerto Rico. I liked traveling around Berlin and taking the Duty Train to Frankfurt.
08.10.2012, 05:15
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I am really thanks you for visiting the great website and such a wonderful technology.
04.10.2012, 22:30
Walter Perry

Stationed there twice at TCA 78-81 with 7350 ABGp support (BCE) and 88-91 from which I retired.Berlin is still our second home. The family fell in love with it and we wanted to stay after retirement. Oh well. We send greetings to anyone we knew there during those times, great times for us.
29.09.2012, 06:05
tom osowski

I was there from Jan. 1967 to Sept. 1968, I really love the city of Berlin, we love to stop by have pizza down the street, and bring back wonderful memories.
18.09.2012, 10:19
Retired 1SG Jorge(George) Lopez-Rodriguez

from Jan 71 to Dec 74 at HQ 4/18 then HQ 4/6 commo plt
Great time spent at Berlin Mcnair barracks, would like to hear from fellow soldier's from my era 1971-74 which were station at Mcnair Barracks. God bless all the Veterans of the Vietnam and Cold Wars.
15.09.2012, 21:18
Michael M. Keohane

Served in B Co, 3rd BG (later 3rd Bn) 6th Inf Regt from December 1960 to November 1963.
05.09.2012, 02:09
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Berlin 1966-1967 4bn 18th inf. Bn mail clerk.
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