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05.09.2012, 02:09
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Berlin 1966-1967 4bn 18th inf. Bn mail clerk.
02.09.2012, 03:02
Rick Bradley

I worked on the Clay Compound, S1 Section with MSG Clemons in the Strength Management Section from 1978-79. I reenlisted at the Brandenburg Gate with lLT NotarFrancisco reciting the oath, while three tour buses drove by cheering and screaming, driving the nearest East German guard tower crazy. Great memories! Good Times! Also checkout this Berlin website for more photos and information developed by a retired German Police officer, Reinhard Von Bronewski, who worked side-by-side with the 287th MP Company. Never allow the memories or the journey to be forgotten. Peace!!! ” Desert Storm Veteran” U.S. Army “76-96”
28.08.2012, 04:29
Pat Murray

HHC 2/6 Maint. Platoon. 77-80
14.08.2012, 00:09
Bob Garbo
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I served in HHH as the berlin engraver from 1968 -1970
my nick name was (witchie).
Does anyone out there know
a Tom Lucas 1968-1970 from
Ohio I'm also good friends with Peter Krause
13.08.2012, 04:30
Jimmie Calvery

I served in the 592nd Signal Company stationed at Andrews Barracks in 1968 and 1969. The 592nd Signal Company does not appear as being quartered at Andrews Barracks. Somewhere I have pictures. One of my duties was to paint the huge 592nd outside the barracks.
05.08.2012, 14:58
Ed Parr

Served with 570th MP Co. Railway MP's from May 1962 to November 1963.
28.07.2012, 03:34
Albert Kramer

Served in Field Station, T-Berg and Andrews Barracks 1986-1989. Served as Chaplain Andrews Barracks.
25.07.2012, 07:25
Kenneth Calhoun

I served in the Airforce and was stationed at Templehof air base in supply from 83-89. Looking for anyone that was stationed in supply during that time.
24.07.2012, 18:32
Dr.willie adams TH.D.

I served from 1980 to 1982.
08.07.2012, 06:29
MSG Thompson, Rhonnie, USA Ret

I served in Berlin from Mar 1993 to Jun 1994 (5 months as Echo Btry, 320th FA Motor Sergeant and 9 months as HSC, CSB 1SG).
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