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21.02.2017, 22:43

Hi dear veterans of Berlin. I'm a Berliner having lived in Zehlendorf all my life. I grew up with you in the eighties, met you when I went to school on Clayallee or back home passing Oskar-Helene-Heim. In our flat sometimes on Sunday mornings we could hear your tanks driving down Clayallee towards Grunewald. The walls of our flat were shaking from the passing tanks but we didn't mind it. It was a good time, indeed. Don't go back to Berlin at the moment, you might get disappointed. Sure, they've rebuilt an awful lot of nice old prussian buildings, mostly in the center of Berlin, just now they're finishing the reconstruction of the old Kaiser Stadtschloss located Unter den Linden. But: since our Chancellor has opened the borders for refugees worldwide we had to cope with an influx of more than a million people from muslim countries. And the situation was already bad before that with a huge population of Arabs and Turks in Berlin since 1994. Crime has risen, in the U-Bahn you now regulary read about people tossed onto the tracks, which never used to happen and so on. I always liked it, now it's too much and no hope to ever get rid of them again. Lefties and SW even supress the issue in the papers. Germany has changed, not to the better. I will never forget the peaceful times we had when we were occupied by US Army Forces.
12.02.2017, 11:39
Peter Huebner

I was in the 6941st Gd Bn, 4077th Gd Co from 1988-1993.
I've checked many soldiers at Gates. ;)

It was a good time.
01.02.2017, 13:20
Timothy Adams

Was with C Co. 5/502d Inf from 1987-1989. I have always wanted to return to Berlin. I have many fond memories of the people of Berlin. I miss Oktoberfest and I do not miss Dough Boy City.
28.01.2017, 18:40
Doug Auwarter
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I was in the 298th Army Band in the early 70s. Great memories there! Hope to visit Berlin soon!
22.01.2017, 11:54
Jim Amundsen

Hello, I was in the 4th Bn 18th Infantry at McNair Barracks from 1967-1968 and again from 1971-1972. I was disappointed to see that 4/18 Inf is not mentioned in your McNair history and that it's crest is not shown.
18.01.2017, 19:07
John Panosh

Was in 592nd Signal Company from 1963-1966. Top was Sgt. Waybright. Drove buses for Special Services west/east tours, ran the Andrews Barracks photo lab with Herr Schmidt and worked most days at Signal Maintenance Depot-McNair under Warrant Officer Riker. Anybody else from those days still around? Would love to hear from you.
15.01.2017, 00:36

Hello, I'm looking for a Rick Butler.
He was at the Berlin Brigarde in the Mc Nair Barracks. 1972 / 73
He was together with an Alonza Tendel in the company.
Would be great if someone can send me information or pictures.
13.12.2016, 02:27
John Montville

Berlin, 42nd Engineer Co. Great People and city. Most Enjoyable assignment. 81-84
07.12.2016, 13:39
Mark Usher
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My name is Mark Usher and I am an assistant producer at Blink Films, an award winning television production company based in London.

We are currently producing a landmark new history series for PBS called We’ll Meet Again and I wanted to get in touch to see if it was something that you may be able to help me with.

The series we are making will follow individuals on a journey to be reunited with someone special from their past, telling the unique history of 20th Century America through personal stories of friendship, love and family. We will feature stories of people who have been torn apart or thrown together by recent history – for example family members, lovers and friends separated by conflict, or strangers brought together during natural disasters and emergencies. We want to show the power of human connections in the face of recent history’s most iconic and divisive events.

I have been researching the American presence in Berlin during the Berlin Crisis and subsequent erection of the Berlin Wall and wanted to reach out to this organisation to see if you felt the series may be relevant to some of the members?

Perhaps there were relationships made with people in Germany but contact is now lost? Or fellow servicemen who are now untraceable? Or even people that you may have helped and have been unable to find out what has happened to them since. We’ll Meet Again will locate that special person and facilitate a reunion between the people who have been separated; in what we hope will be an amazing opportunity for people to reconnect with each other, whilst at the same time highlighting instances of American social history that many people may not necessarily be aware of.

Kindest regards

15.11.2016, 06:54
Joel Kirkpatrick

Enjoyed my time there Charlie 2/6.79-80.Spandau prison duty was cold in winter! Dough boy city was fun to train in.Also the abandoned apartments with furniture in them! Party at the lake. Great first station.
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