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29.06.2012, 01:24
John Roycroft
EMail:  Homepage: http://theroycroftreport

I'm writing a book about my life living in Berlin as a seven year old Army brat. This is a good source of information for me. Berlin 1960 - 1963
24.06.2012, 23:44
Cecil Goff, Jr.

78th USASA SOU(Later 54th USASA SOC) August 1964 to August 1967. Great site. Brings back great memories. Thanks.
16.06.2012, 21:39
leonard malenosky

I was at service company feb. 59 thru sept. 61. what fantastic duty back then. sure do recall lulu bar and all the good times we had.
13.06.2012, 22:56
jimmy d smith jr

I was with the 42nd engineers from 93-94 at McNair-Barracks. Reading on hear you say the engineers was at Andrews, when was that?
06.06.2012, 03:21
Emmett & Sharon Cook

We were stationed with the Air Force at Templehof from Jul 1965 to Aug 1968. Worked at Berlin Air Route Traffic Control Center. Best tour ever. Really miss it.
20.05.2012, 16:41
Ed Gauler

We were the coolest cold war soldiers ever - Scout Platoon - CSC 5/502, 1985!
20.05.2012, 04:12
kevin mcwey

berlin 1976-1979 c-2-6
19.05.2012, 06:38
Gary Benjamin

I was stationed in Berlin from Feb 1961 to Feb 1964 with Combat Support Company, 3rd Battle Group, 6th Infantry. I loved Berlin so much I extended my enlistment 6 months so I could stay there longer. It was a great experience!
18.05.2012, 13:43
Joel O'Brien

Best assignment ever! I was with AFN-TV/Radio from 73-76.
Had a great time in Berlin, but don't let the Army know that, O.K.?
13.05.2012, 08:58
Michael J. Overberger

Served with 5/502INF from 1984-1991. Best duty of my 22 years served. Remember Mrs. Johnson's 1/2 henchen mit pom-frites. Had a great squad through-out my time there. It seemed like we got the best of the best. Oh I remember the city that never slept and I tried to keep up with her. What a great time in the city.
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