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20.05.2012, 16:41
Ed Gauler

We were the coolest cold war soldiers ever - Scout Platoon - CSC 5/502, 1985!
20.05.2012, 04:12
kevin mcwey

berlin 1976-1979 c-2-6
19.05.2012, 06:38
Gary Benjamin

I was stationed in Berlin from Feb 1961 to Feb 1964 with Combat Support Company, 3rd Battle Group, 6th Infantry. I loved Berlin so much I extended my enlistment 6 months so I could stay there longer. It was a great experience!
18.05.2012, 13:43
Joel O'Brien

Best assignment ever! I was with AFN-TV/Radio from 73-76.
Had a great time in Berlin, but don't let the Army know that, O.K.?
13.05.2012, 08:58
Michael J. Overberger

Served with 5/502INF from 1984-1991. Best duty of my 22 years served. Remember Mrs. Johnson's 1/2 henchen mit pom-frites. Had a great squad through-out my time there. It seemed like we got the best of the best. Oh I remember the city that never slept and I tried to keep up with her. What a great time in the city.
13.05.2012, 05:01
Kenneth Auld

42nd Engr. 1989 - 1992
Best time ever!
05.05.2012, 03:08
Tom Buchmeier

Served in Berlin 1964 with 3/19th INF-one of the Long Thrust units. A wonderful experience and wonderful place. Remember pulling guard duty at Spandau Prison, doing the East Berlin tour and patrols on the Wall. What a great city. Talk about feeling like you were doing something!
29.04.2012, 22:55
Angela Lissewski (Krüger)

I´m looking for Alan R. Hyde. He was in McNair Barracks till 1985 then he goes back to New Braunfels.
26.04.2012, 21:57
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Anyone remember Sally Fick, she was over the service club at McNair Baarracks in Berlin.
Bn commander's jeep driver Fred Yost?
22.04.2012, 22:53
Mack Cunningham

Det 3 1972-74 Looking for Tsgt Jack Jackson
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