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13.05.2012, 05:01
Kenneth Auld

42nd Engr. 1989 - 1992
Best time ever!
05.05.2012, 03:08
Tom Buchmeier

Served in Berlin 1964 with 3/19th INF-one of the Long Thrust units. A wonderful experience and wonderful place. Remember pulling guard duty at Spandau Prison, doing the East Berlin tour and patrols on the Wall. What a great city. Talk about feeling like you were doing something!
29.04.2012, 22:55
Angela Lissewski (Krüger)

I´m looking for Alan R. Hyde. He was in McNair Barracks till 1985 then he goes back to New Braunfels.
26.04.2012, 21:57
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Anyone remember Sally Fick, she was over the service club at McNair Baarracks in Berlin.
Bn commander's jeep driver Fred Yost?
22.04.2012, 22:53
Mack Cunningham

Det 3 1972-74 Looking for Tsgt Jack Jackson
20.04.2012, 00:29

Meridian, Ms to Fort Polk, Fort Sill, to Berlin.
4th Bn 18th Infantry.
18.04.2012, 09:46
James Houser

Hello I served with the 42nd engineers from feb 93-april 94. I was wondering if anyone could tell me the name of the MP company located there in berlin.
28.03.2012, 22:15
Richard A. Lant

Arrived in Berlin August of 1959 and was with the HHC 6th Infantry for a year and then
transferred to Andrews Barracks and the 298th Army Band at my request, they needed trumpet
players. I was married in Berlin and lived off base from 1962 until January of 1964. As a band
player I had other duties such as bus driver and when alerts were called I drove trucks. Became
familiar with the M-60 MG. And 3.5 Rocket Launcher, Browning 50 Cal, and the new M-14 in
7.62 Nato. We had only a few Infantry Men with the band at that time. I was in the
transportation section and maintenance at McNair Barracks at first, as I was with the 505
Transportation Company in the states. . McNair Barracks Motor pool was just out side of the gate
and across the street. As for the Band a few Very good men I do remember, Sgt. Simon, Sgt
Riddick, Sgt. Garron, and a few more. Have good pictures of Berlin and the Band. Still have
family in Germany. Was able to make three or four trips back after 1964 and two of them were
for 30 Days. Just loved it. Wish all my friends be it Military or German all the best, God speed
in all you do. As for the influx of Russians, Arabs and Turks (First so I understand) They did
come and they still do in the U.S.A.
Richard Lant. August 1959 to January 1964
27.03.2012, 05:55
Robert Muto

In Berlin from 1982....left 1991 was in 42nd eng....loved it. Married a Berliner go back all the time sad to see base in current state..but great menories
12.03.2012, 15:00
Chris Hoover

HHC 2-6 Commo 68-69
Returned to Berlin twice since.
1972 while kicking around Europe between semesters in college and last Oct.-Nov.. I rented a flat off Craigslist for 3.5 weeks 1 block from Nollendorf UBahn station. Continues to be the most exciting city in Europe. If you go, don't miss the Flohmarkt in die Mauerpark. Tip.
You can make your own curry wurst. Zeisner and Knorrs makes curry catchup. Good pork wursts and fresh curry powder. Just like the back gate!!!
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