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12.03.2012, 14:55
Chris Hoover

HHC 2-6 Commo 69-69
Returned to Berlin twice since.
1972 while kicking around Europe between semesters in college and last Oct.-Nov.. I rented a flat off Craigslist for 3.5 weeks 1 block from Nollendorf UBahn station. Continues to be the most exciting city in Europe. If you go, don't miss the Flohmarkt in die Mauerpark. Tip.
You can make your own curry wurst. Zeisner and Knorrs makes curry catchup. Good pork wursts and fresh curry powder. Just like the back gate!!!
03.03.2012, 13:09
Tim Hall

Worked at DEH in EP&S in the JOC section. Very fond memories of Berlin! Left in 1993 after a ten year stay. Went to work for USACE in the West.
29.02.2012, 04:25
D. G. D.

My father was stationed in Berlin from 1956-58. Those times were some of the most astounding times of my life. The demands of the military, political and diplomatic duties and functions were amazing to witness and occasionaly participate in. His job as CG Berlin Brigade allowed me to witness world events in a profoundly different way, and gave me an enduring appreation of Freedom, both political and personal. My Father passed in 2005 at the age of 95. One of his fondest memories was the ceromonies in 1994 and the kind welcome and recognition after so many years.

George T. Duncan (Maj Gen deceased) USMA 1932 Retired 1967
26.02.2012, 19:40

i was too station in Berlin, 1971-1975 work at the BDE COMCENTER and live at Andrews compound util i got married and my daughter was born in Berlin 1972
22.02.2012, 01:24
Mark Lemmer
EMail:  Homepage:

Served 8/74-6/76 at the Mcnair but don't remember much except (we all know why)spandau prison (remember his goose step and guard tower 4?), french comando s hool, reforger, I stashed a few things in the false ceiling on the top floor overlooking the gate.
21.02.2012, 18:57
Jay Abraham

I was stationed in Berlin from 1984 to 1986, Signal Support Co.
Lived at Andrews Barracks, was the best time in the Army.
Thanks for hosting this website!
25.01.2012, 01:47

hello i was wondering if you ad any contactinformation on gail halvorsen. will you please heilp me out i have a research paper for mmy eight grade class and i ws wondering if you had any info. please help:) thankyou mahalo
16.01.2012, 07:05
Raymond Curtis

Served in Berlin from 91-94 with the 287th Military Police. Patrol Supervisor and MP Desk Sergeant. Loved the Duty and the City. Keep the memories alive. To much great history to forget.
13.01.2012, 20:17
Paul Lisnyj, CPP

I was on the internet looking for some US Army Berlin Brigade memorobilia and stumbled onto this site. Having served in Berlin from 1973 - 75 with the Transportation group as a 04B working the duty train making trips through the east zone. I was excited to see some of the sites and comments about the "ole stomping grounds"
03.01.2012, 07:05
Joe H.Ledesma

McNair Barracks 1972 was a great duty station, B-4-18. I remember the green and white bubble behind the PX. The 4 a.m. Alerts, The trip to the zone for 30 days,Hoenfels, Graf and Wildflicken. Combat in the city training, in a abandon building. Training by the wall being watched by the East German soldiers.
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