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21.02.2012, 18:57
Jay Abraham

I was stationed in Berlin from 1984 to 1986, Signal Support Co.
Lived at Andrews Barracks, was the best time in the Army.
Thanks for hosting this website!
25.01.2012, 01:47

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16.01.2012, 07:05
Raymond Curtis

Served in Berlin from 91-94 with the 287th Military Police. Patrol Supervisor and MP Desk Sergeant. Loved the Duty and the City. Keep the memories alive. To much great history to forget.
13.01.2012, 20:17
Paul Lisnyj, CPP

I was on the internet looking for some US Army Berlin Brigade memorobilia and stumbled onto this site. Having served in Berlin from 1973 - 75 with the Transportation group as a 04B working the duty train making trips through the east zone. I was excited to see some of the sites and comments about the "ole stomping grounds"
03.01.2012, 07:05
Joe H.Ledesma

McNair Barracks 1972 was a great duty station, B-4-18. I remember the green and white bubble behind the PX. The 4 a.m. Alerts, The trip to the zone for 30 days,Hoenfels, Graf and Wildflicken. Combat in the city training, in a abandon building. Training by the wall being watched by the East German soldiers.
31.12.2011, 01:42
Harvey Lit

What a great duty station. I was a Medic there 1990-1992. Hung out at the Speakeasy (where I learned to play darts)Ate plenty at Al Mulinos! I retired after 28yrs of Army and now living in Massachusetts. Anyone who remembers feel free to email me. I'd love to hear from you.
30.12.2011, 10:08
Mark Burnley

Served with the US Army Aviation Detachment Late 1977 - 1978. What a great place to work. Also station at McNair Barracks 4th of the 6th CSC (Redeye) 1975 - 1977
21.12.2011, 06:52
Barbara Wagner Garbe

My father, Lt. Col Ray H. Wagner was stationed in Berlin 1960 -1962. He ran the post exchange. He is no longer alive but always talked fondly of Berlin and the people he worked with. I was very young at the time but still have wonderful memories. This summer I am returning to Berlin with my daughter. This has been on my bucket list for a very long time. If anyone remembers my father I'd love to hear from you. We lived in Pueckler Housing, 2 Dunklebergsteig.
18.12.2011, 04:22
Dale Wright

Served in the 1946 C/S from 1976 to 1978. Great place for an 18 year old airman to grow up!
13.12.2011, 05:18
David Gittleman

Served in 42nd Eng @ McNair Barracks 5/92- 3/94. Berlin was a very good duty station.
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