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13.01.2012, 20:17
Paul Lisnyj, CPP

I was on the internet looking for some US Army Berlin Brigade memorobilia and stumbled onto this site. Having served in Berlin from 1973 - 75 with the Transportation group as a 04B working the duty train making trips through the east zone. I was excited to see some of the sites and comments about the "ole stomping grounds"
03.01.2012, 07:05
Joe H.Ledesma

McNair Barracks 1972 was a great duty station, B-4-18. I remember the green and white bubble behind the PX. The 4 a.m. Alerts, The trip to the zone for 30 days,Hoenfels, Graf and Wildflicken. Combat in the city training, in a abandon building. Training by the wall being watched by the East German soldiers.
31.12.2011, 01:42
Harvey Lit

What a great duty station. I was a Medic there 1990-1992. Hung out at the Speakeasy (where I learned to play darts)Ate plenty at Al Mulinos! I retired after 28yrs of Army and now living in Massachusetts. Anyone who remembers feel free to email me. I'd love to hear from you.
30.12.2011, 10:08
Mark Burnley

Served with the US Army Aviation Detachment Late 1977 - 1978. What a great place to work. Also station at McNair Barracks 4th of the 6th CSC (Redeye) 1975 - 1977
21.12.2011, 06:52
Barbara Wagner Garbe

My father, Lt. Col Ray H. Wagner was stationed in Berlin 1960 -1962. He ran the post exchange. He is no longer alive but always talked fondly of Berlin and the people he worked with. I was very young at the time but still have wonderful memories. This summer I am returning to Berlin with my daughter. This has been on my bucket list for a very long time. If anyone remembers my father I'd love to hear from you. We lived in Pueckler Housing, 2 Dunklebergsteig.
18.12.2011, 04:22
Dale Wright

Served in the 1946 C/S from 1976 to 1978. Great place for an 18 year old airman to grow up!
13.12.2011, 05:18
David Gittleman

Served in 42nd Eng @ McNair Barracks 5/92- 3/94. Berlin was a very good duty station.
27.11.2011, 02:08
Rick Noonan

previous post Re: Richard B Noonan has my incorrect email ... please reply to this post ... thanks
27.11.2011, 01:24
Rick Noonan

I have a photo of my father with MG John E Franklin Jr pinning insignia in him ... we were there 1963 for a couple of years, I was a year old ... anyone familiar with my father Richard B Noonan went on to Vietnan with the 173rd ...
12.11.2011, 18:41
William Curnutte

I was the Autobahn Operations Officer at Helsmtedt Support Detachment from 1972 to 1974. Your website has brought back some old memories of Berlin. Would love to go back to see Berlin again!
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