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24.10.2011, 01:26
Frank Olivera Jr.

Was in McNair Barracks from 1960 to 1964
22.10.2011, 11:10

Kann sich vielleicht noch jemand von den älteren Berlin-Veteranen an Archie Morrison erinnern und weiss was aus ihm geworden ist.Er ist der Vater meines Mannes und war in der Zeit um 1948-1951 auf jeden Fall in Berlin stationiert.Er war ein Private First Class(PFC) Enlisted Man third Grade.Über eine Nachricht würde ich mich sehr freuen,gerne auch auf englisch.Vielen Dank
15.10.2011, 22:47
Gary Cate

I too, was stationed at McNair from late 68 to early 70 with the 2nd Bn, 6th Inf. as a mechanic. I also use to visit the NCO club from time to time. I probably met Mr. Garcia, the bartender. I also remember the Big Eden,White Horse, and the Riverboat. Great duty in a wonderful city. I hope to go back one day (Bucket List).
13.10.2011, 04:52
Dale Adams

Wanted to let everyone know that we of the 5/502 Infantry had a wonderful reunion in Las vegas August 2010. We remembered all who served with us,before us and after us. 26 years later it was a wonder to ee how many of us showed up and dropped everything to be there with their old friends. It just goes to show what a tight knit unit we were and how much we enjoyed serving our country and the city of Berlin. I have 2 sons now in the Army and they carry the stories I have passed down to them. What wonderful days they were and what wonderful men I met
09.10.2011, 17:11
rob van der nol

*the specific housing area in the waldtiersiedlung is, the Pückler area.
09.10.2011, 16:57
rob van der nol

I have been living in berlin for 5 years and try to reconsruct parts of the history of berlin. By accident I found the houses of the waldtiersiedlung and their history as an american settlement in berlin.
at this point I'm searching for photos that have been made of the american houses in the waldtiersiedlung,
maybe someone has lived, or visited a friend there.
maybe someone has photos of caps from the Berlin Brigade, or remembers a story that took place in that district.
any help would be greatly apriciated,rob van der nol
06.10.2011, 00:20
John Garcia

I was with the 7350th in 1967-70. I was also the bartender at the NCO club after duty and on the weekends. Remember the Dirty Old Mans Pizza near Templehof. Great memories. Great city.
18.09.2011, 18:05
Jerry Steffenhagen
EMail:  Homepage:

Looking for my Karate students from 1973-75 at Tempelhof AB. This started my 38 year career teaching martial arts.
17.09.2011, 04:00

I have some old photos from the time my dad was stationed in Berlin (1958-1962). I'm am trying to identify some of the places shown. If you know someone who might be able to help, please contact me at Thank you!
16.09.2011, 02:30
Curtis N. Meloy

I was a E-4 with the 287th MP Co from 4/80 - 2/82. Assigned to 2nd platoon. Worked patrol duties, Checkpoints Bravo and Charlie, stockade and Duty Train for 6 months.
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