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04.09.2011, 22:13
Lynn Alan Parlette

I was at C-4-6 from Oct 74 thru Dec 76. Would like to touch base with Allen Mosley, Willie Anderson, Pablo Pabon, Bird and others from my company. Still stay in contact with a few. Used to hang out at the Big Eden, Riverboat, and White Horse clubs.
27.08.2011, 07:19
Harry L. Payne

I served in Co A 759 MP's 1953, and Heavy Mortor Co, ^th inf, from 1952-54
18.08.2011, 15:53
Jay Daves

In addition to my earlier post I was stationed at McNair Barracks, Andrews Barracks, and Helmstedt Support Detachment.
18.08.2011, 15:47
Jay Daves
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I was in the Army 1969-1972 and I served with Berlin Brigade for most of that time.
I saw a link to your Duty Train Stations on Facebook. The page looks good and now I'm here on this one.
16.08.2011, 19:09
Robert Brown

I was in a unit flown into Berlin in 1949. Lived at Roosevelt Barracks. HQ & Hq Company, Intell&Recon. Berlin was changing. Then 6th Regiment /later transferred to Helicopter Unit at Tempelhof.Tour of duty ended 1952.
02.08.2011, 21:26
Mike Nelson
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7350th SP's, 79-84. Worked with Mark Mahoney, Dieter Alendorf, Britte, Gaby, Wolfgang & Bodo. Spoke at Dieter "Klutch" Kargals memoral service. Wish I never left, best time I ever had in the AF. Miss the city, miss the beer, miss the people! Shame to hear it's all being torn down for "progress"
23.07.2011, 16:39
Ronald Ebright (boot)

Det 3 7350 support group 1971-1973 Great time
20.07.2011, 19:50
Carter Merris

Hi all
Was in Air Force from 3/85 to 3/87 in 1946th squadron. Spent most of my time a Teufellsberg(sp) site. Ran the Berlin Marathon in 86 and had a great time for my first assignment.

17.07.2011, 02:14
Richard Flint

Was at Andrews in 1955 to 1957 7781 Ord. Special Troops and incharge of Autobann alert crew.
12.07.2011, 22:27
joanne edwards

was at andrews barracks h&s csb next to 42nd engineers from 1986 to 1988
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