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30.05.2011, 03:34
james mula

Co f 40 armor
28.05.2011, 02:03

served with csc 4/502 inf. from 1988-1991. those were good days.
20.05.2011, 19:39
Jon Peterson

Was in Berlin 1962 thru 1965,HHC 4/18 commo squad. Love to hear from my fellow commo brothers.
16.05.2011, 12:08
chuck roberts

Loved Berlin! First tour 75 - 78 and second tour 82-85, both with USA Signal Support Co. Got married there first tour and our daughter was born there the 2d tour. Went back for a reunion tour in 2006. Kind of sad seeing the changes. Best part of my 20 year career!!
14.05.2011, 20:38
Michael Palmisano

I was staitioned in Berlin from 1988 -1990 6/502nd alpha co and now after 20 years i return to see my beautiful daughter!
13.05.2011, 21:57
C.R. Alligood

I was at Andrews with ASA Field Station 66-69 and don't see but a couple of entries from ASA. Great place to be stationed back then. Beat the hell out of V.N.!
11.05.2011, 18:46
gerry coles
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Your website does an excellent job preserving our memories of Berlin when I lived there during the Cold War, first for a year as a Military Policeman in 1956. Then I was back in Berlin managing the Military Banking facilities there between 1960 to '63. During those exciting Cold War years thousands of refugees per week were fleeing to W. Berlin until East Germany built the infamous Wall before JFK settled the Cuban Missile Crisis in Oct. 1962, all of which made for some exciting crisis years for Berlin and me. Berlin and us Berliners are quite fantastic.
06.05.2011, 21:34
ISG Mike Rogers

First time on this site.
Outstanding, was lSG of B Co. 5/502 June 1986 - 88. Great time while in Berlin.
06.05.2011, 04:12
Louis Asker

I was stationed in Berlin 1955 & 1956. I was in the 6th Inf. Regiment FIELD MUSIC. I did alot of parades, and formal guard moounts. I played trumpet and did alot of DUTY BUGLE. When on duty as duty bugler, I played all calls of the day on top the McNair Barracks Building in front of the flag on Ring Stra. After I played Retreat, I would take a jeep to High Cogg and play Retreat there. Berlin is a great city, and I enjoyed my duty very much.
24.04.2011, 22:37
sp-4 Joseph Hanscom

Oh ya....anyone remember the club hannaleck....not sure about the spelling but that is how it sounds, all the Eng used to go there. I was a young pup of 17 then and did I ever have a great time! great memories! Hated winter trainning in Bavaria if someone remembers me....e-mail me!
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