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09.07.2011, 06:13
Frank Marr

11/1960 to 2/1963, Heavy Weapons, E Company, 3rd Battle Group, 6th US Infantry. Best years of my young life, I loved Berlin and everything about it. RA all the way.....
24.06.2011, 20:27
(Paul) Doug Carlson
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Stationed in Berlin 5/66 to 1/68 with Berlin Station, 513th MI Group (HUMINT), then was assigned to the newly created (on paper) "USAREUR News & Pictorial Service" with a one-man office on the second floor of Berlin Brigade HQ building on Clayallee; worked there during daytime hours..... Other unit members were scattered in offices for various enterprises all over Berlin during that period.
24.06.2011, 16:16
Ed Gauler

The "great Gaul" says hello to the former Berlin brigade heros.
12.06.2011, 14:57
Ken White
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Fco 40th Armor..
most names escape me now..however, remember 1sg Bebee, Dave tacas, Doug Williams, Pat Shaut, Thomas Stevens
08.06.2011, 06:44
Scott Downing

I was stationed there from 1987 to 1989 as part of the MI field station group. Berlin was the best time of my military career.
30.05.2011, 15:57
Douglas E Wilson Sr
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I was stationed in Berlin from Jan 1984 to Jul 1988 with the 298 Army Band. This assignment was the high lite of my career. Every commitment was an adventure and meeting the Berlin public was a true honor.
30.05.2011, 14:26
Sebastian Papa
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I was in the 298th AGF Band in 1946 & 47. Chet Baker was also in the Band at the same time. My room mate was Bob Badgely, the leader of our big dance band. I loved Berlin & it's people. We also had the Club 48.
30.05.2011, 03:34
james mula

Co f 40 armor
28.05.2011, 02:03

served with csc 4/502 inf. from 1988-1991. those were good days.
20.05.2011, 19:39
Jon Peterson

Was in Berlin 1962 thru 1965,HHC 4/18 commo squad. Love to hear from my fellow commo brothers.
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