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13.04.2011, 17:46
hermes miranda

I was stationed in Berlin Jan. 1986 to Aug 1989. I have many fond memories of the city and its' people. God Bless you, I miss you.
12.04.2011, 20:53
Tim Stoy

I was a kid in Berlin 1960-1966. My father commanded HHC,Special Troops, Berlin Brigade and later was club officer at the Harnack House. I learned to swim in the Olympic pool on Andrews Barracks. Thanks for keeping the memories of the American garrison in Berlin alive!
10.04.2011, 14:49
Nicole Wiesener

We are german and my Dad worked at TCA as a contracting officer....
I grew up with the americans...
I rember a lot of great times...Tag der offenen Tür at the airport...we visited Berlin American High School...Baseballfields...we went Bowling...a lot of brunches at TCA...Burger King in Grunewald....Pancakes...this corridor at TCA with all these flags from every state in the US... :)
Greetings Nicki
28.03.2011, 08:59
David Black HHC 5/502 INF 1988-91

Great job on the website. I miss Berlin!! It was truly a great place to be stationed.
25.03.2011, 22:08
Michael A. Gerlach
EMail:  Homepage:

I served with the HHC Berlin Brigade PAC. 1989-1993
25.03.2011, 00:11
Frank Henry Young

Thank You so much for this website I am 52 now and was 17 when I got to Berlin 1976-1979 It was so nice to step back in time for awhile.I was the one from 4/6 that got stabbed in the stomach in 1977 at the starlight. And Joe Grooms or Rusty get ahold of me my email address is FRANKHENRY
24.03.2011, 04:09
Frank Henry Young

I was there between 1976-1979 Started out A CO 4th Bn 6th Inf then went to HQ Co Commo SP/4
23.03.2011, 22:31
John C. Raaen, Jr.

Served as Ordnance Officer, G-1 and Deputy C of S in 63-65. Thanks for a great site. Excellent maps and photos. Brings back memories of friends long gone.
22.03.2011, 16:10
Bob Fowler

Thanks for posting this site. I was stationed with the 298th Army Band from July of 1979 to July of 1982. This brings back a lot of good memories!
18.03.2011, 17:24

Hallo,weis vieleicht jemand was aus Volkmar Nischan geworden ist.Er war im Elektro-shop.
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