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15.03.2011, 15:16
David Holzschuh

Herr Stangmann,

I was stationed in Berlin Brigade 42nd Engineer Company from 1991 until the 42nd Engineer Company deactivate in March 1994. I am the last First Sergeant of the 42nd Engineer Company. I found your website and want to thank you so much for keeping the memories alive. I was so happy to find all your sites pictures and information. I was assigned to Berlin Brigade in 1991 after the Gulf War. My initial position was working at Lucius D. Clay Headquarter building 1 as the Engineer NCOIC on the Berlin Brigade staff. Late in 1991, I was selected for promotion and was then assigned as the First Sergeant of the 42nd Engineer Company. Our billets and orderly room was located on McNair Barracks in Building 1001 H. We were on the end of the building next to 4 July Platz. I remember walking across to the 4-502nd consolidated mess in building 1001 F to eat some of their good chow. When I first arrive in Berlin they had me staying in the Harnack House until one night they had a fire. My room was right next to the front stairwell close to where the fire started. It became a scary but exciting night when I had to go out the window onto the roof to find a fire escape. After the fire, they gave me a room in the Dahlen Guest House. I ended up with a BEQ apartment on Am Hegewinkel Strasse. I was stationed at Wildfecken Germany from May 1985 until my assignment to Berlin Brigade. Prior to Wildfecken I was stationed in Smiley Barracks, Paul Revere Village, Karlsruhe, Germany. I miss Berlin and all the wonderful times I had throughout Germany, France, Europe, etc. So much has changed and so much is gone now, your site and similar ones will be very important history for future generations. Thank you.
13.03.2011, 04:32
Pat Murray HHC 2nd of the 6th

nice web site
11.03.2011, 17:48

What a great website! Wonderful pictures. My dad would have really loved this. He had many friends at the Helmstedt Detachment back in the early 1960s.
05.03.2011, 20:39
robert benavides

I was in 287th MP from Jan 88 to Jul 91.
27.02.2011, 12:22
Benny Chargualaf

Berlin from 89-94 assignments HQ BERLIN BDE EOC
26.02.2011, 01:36
janet owens

my dad is 1st sergeant owens we lived in berlin germany 1986-1988 in the housing at flannagen strasse he was in 5th 502nd infantry please email me if u know him he would really enjoy catching up
24.02.2011, 22:45
Barry D Wilson

I was in B-Co 6/502nd INF (McNair Barracks) @1st in HQ platoon,then 3rd platoon..from 10-90 till I ETS'd from there 11/20/91...feel free to contact me to 'catch up' to hear from you !
19.02.2011, 06:19
Angel David Morales

Message for Wayne Thomas (237). I served as a mechanic at HSC, CSB in Andrews from 1984-1987 and I do remember SGT Gordon, SGT Roach, SGT Pagan. I also remember medics Mark Mead and SP4 Medina. I just talked to 1SG Brewmington and CPT Breitenbach. Feel free to write me at
26.01.2011, 02:05
Robert Barker
EMail:  Homepage:

On your homepage when I click on the link to the U.S. Army Hospital I get the error message: Not Found The requested URL / was not found on this server.

Do you have any photos of the old hospital compound that faced on Unter den Eichen? I served there from 22 Oct 1969 to 27 Dec 1970.
26.01.2011, 01:46
Robert Barker
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Mr. Stangmann,

I served at the U.S. Army 279th Station Hospital, Berlin on Unter den Eichen in the Medical Records Office of the Registrar Division from 22 Oct 1969 to 27 Dec 1970.

Over the past several months with the help of Reinhard I have been attempting to reconstruct the layout of the U.S. Army Hospital compound on Unter den Eichen as it looked in the 60’s and 70’s until it was closed and the new hospital opened in 1976 when it was returned to the city of Berlin.

Using my photos, a vintage layout of the hospital compound dating several decades before it was in the custody of the U.S. Army, a satellite view of the present compound, now owned by 'BAM' (Bundesamt fuer Materialpruefung), and the help of Reinhard I have attempted reconstruct the layout of the compound as it appeared in the 60’s to when it closed in 1976. If you care to do so, to evaluate my attempt and from your own memories or documentation to confirm and/or correct my reconstructed layout. I'd appreciate any help you could give me. Thanks
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