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21.01.2011, 12:07
Marvin pratt

I was a member of the 287th mp co from 82-85.The awesome friends That I had can not ever be duplicated..
16.01.2011, 23:22
Joyce Clark Mallon

Thank you for making this information available. I grew up as a military dependent and don't have as many pictures as I would like. I visited Berlin in 2008 as part of the Berlin American High School alumni reunion group. There is so much that has changed. I am appreciative that I can revisit some of those former places through this website.
12.01.2011, 16:54
Jud Cargile

I served with D 6-502nd from 91-93. Lots of Memories!
11.01.2011, 21:29
l. h. merchat, former tech5

served 72-75 nice place wizard- nick name given to me while there
09.01.2011, 03:37
Armand (Lee) LE FORT

During my 31 years in the Army, my only tour in Germany was with Allied Staff Berlin at the Olympic Stadium from Jun 68 to Jun 71. It was a great place to serve in the Army.
06.01.2011, 21:17
Harold Branch

This brings back so many memories. I was in HHC BB and worked in G3 from 1972-1973. My oldest son was born in Berlin hospital.I was at Andrews for formation. The pictures are so vivid.
05.01.2011, 23:30
Ron Whittemore

I was stationed in West Berlin from 1969 to 1971 and was assigned to the 287th MP Co. The last few months I worked at HHC at Andrews Barracks. Great wife and I went back in 2005.
03.01.2011, 01:17
Dominic (Mick) Donato

I was sattioned at Andrews in the 7773 Sig. Sv. a radio operator. I worked on the convoys to Brunsweig in the radio truck.Later, I worked at BMP.
Anybody out there remember that far back ?
02.01.2011, 21:29
Steve Sanchez

I served at Templehof AB from Sept 90 until July 92. Worked as a Calibration Tech. I also worked as Night Manager at Club Silver Wings. I was also very active in the Berlin Brigades Mens Bowling Assoc. Would like to make contact with the many friends I made back then. I currenly work and live just outside of Kaiserslautern, Germany.
01.01.2011, 03:13
Tom Stockett

Served with the 287th MP Co, Nov 66-Sep 69.THOSE WERE THE DAYS!!!
"LINE DOG"-Patrol....
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