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04.09.2010, 04:53
Johnnie L Pottorff

This is one of the best sites I have come across. I was in Berlin in 1965 with 2nd Bn. 34th Inf. Taro leaf patch. We were a rotating Bn. From Augsburg near Munich. We came to Berlin by convoy. Stayed for three months. Best time in Germany. Loved Berlin. Loved the downtown area, I have a few slides of the wall, checkpoint Charlie etc. I was really impressed with the indoor swimming pool, olympic size I believe. We were a supporting unit sent up to help guard the Wall. I had always planned on coming back to Berlin but don't know if I'll ever make it. Thanks for a great site.
30.08.2010, 20:54
richard santelli

I was stationed in berlin from 1958-1960."A" CO 2nd battlegroup 6th infantry.still looking for old friends just can't seem to connect.hopefuly this great site will are some names,daniel treich,david potts,larry lee moreland,marion marr,james lynch,donald carlino.please contact me
29.08.2010, 16:55
Danny Reed

I was assigned to A/HS Companies from 1987 to 92. Lived in Andrews Barracks and wotked on the HILL! I have not made it back to Berlin since I left. It was the best tour of my 21 year career! Hope this reaches some of my old friends!!
27.08.2010, 02:03
Don Wheat

served in AG Division at Brigade HQ - Unclassified Message Center from December 1970 - March 1972. Vas Trikin Vir?
25.08.2010, 19:12
Ron Owens

I was very involved at McNair with the 3rd BG 6th Inf and 3rd BN 6th Inf August and September 1961. Scary ordeal.
23.08.2010, 04:14
Robert Jackel

member of the 42nd Eng brigade Andrews barracks
also was employed by the Army Youth Activity as a youth recreation assistant from Oct-Nov 73
22.08.2010, 18:41
James Driscoll

Stationed at TCA with 7350th Support Group. 1964-1967. Pics sure did bring back memories. Played on base football team in 1964. Played in C&W band at Silverwings NCO & Airmans Club. Best years spent while in Air Force.
18.08.2010, 13:48
Rodney Brown

I was assigned to B Co4/18 at McNairBarracks 1966. Later at HHC Andrews. I went to Viet Nam in 1968. Came back to Germany in 1980 as a Hsg Manager. I worked in Baumholder, Heidelberg, Grafenwoehr, Giessen. Retired from Civil Service in 2002.
17.08.2010, 13:07
Ian Lloyd-Graham

I was a member of the Harnack House between 1980 - 1991, regular attendee at Happy Hour and attended with my cohorts - Steve (Brit military) and John (Kiwi). We spent many a happy Fri night drinking Long Island Ice tea's in the corner by the bar.
Would love to hear from anyone that knew / drank with us - happy days!!
10.08.2010, 10:04
Jodell (Daughtridge) Lyons

Berlin was a time I will never forget. I was a E1-E4 there from 89-92. I met my husband of 19 years there and my first daughter was born there. Wonderful memories and an unforgetable experience.
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