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08.08.2010, 15:12
Karen Sabido Lankford
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My family lived in Berlin when my father was stationed there in the 80's. The buildings in Old and New Dueppel and the Lissabonalle street sign bring back so many wonderful childhood memories... I wish there were more of the playgrounds, bus stops, and the big concrete circle near my building! Thank you so much for providing the pictures. I would love to find old childhood friends from my childhood. Thanks so much!
07.08.2010, 04:45
Roy Gertig

Looking at these pics brings back a lot of wonderful memories. TCA was one of the best kept hidden secrets for an assignment. I was there from 79 to 82 as a long-renge radar technician and from 86 to 90 as a Comm Programs/Project Manager. I am itchin' to go back for a visit. Berlin was great, as well as the Berliners themselves.
18.07.2010, 23:59
Charles Moy

I was in W.Germany on Operation Longthrust IV with A,2/12th Inf.of The Big Red One 1962-63.Spent 3 months at Wildflecken Training Area & the 4 months in W. Berlin reenforcing the BB.We were there during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
I loved every minute there.
13.07.2010, 04:57
Robert Zimmerman

Served at the hospital 1970.
29.06.2010, 23:44

I was in Berlin from 1957 to 61 with ordnance service co. Would to hear from anyone in that time period
29.06.2010, 21:48
Jim Ham

WOW what memories seeing all the pics. My son goes dad were you there and I said Yep..he goes cool... Said I was there from Sept 90 to Jan 92. If you were there at that time and remember me send me an email would love to hear from ya.
28.06.2010, 02:41
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Ich finde den Aufbau der Seite sehr gut.Macht weiter so.
26.06.2010, 22:07

5th 502nd CSC 85-88
What an amazing experience for any young man. I'll never forgot it or my friends.
07.06.2010, 15:33
Ralph Bremer

Served with B Company 2/6th Infantry and AFN-Berlin from February 1980 to June 1985. Loved every day I was there.
06.06.2010, 09:20
Robert Branlund

I was in Berlin From 86-88 I was the DBC's (Col Collins) Driver and then the G3(LTC Dillon)Driver. I lived on McNair and Andrews, I drove a Red Porsche 911T. I remember driving the Col downtown after the Bombing of La'Belles Disco in his Sedan. Also just out of Andrews Backgate there was a bar that a Soldier owned that I used to go to all the time, cant remeber his name!
Loved my time have lots of photos and memories!
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