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13.07.2010, 04:57
Robert Zimmerman

Served at the hospital 1970.
29.06.2010, 23:44

I was in Berlin from 1957 to 61 with ordnance service co. Would to hear from anyone in that time period
29.06.2010, 21:48
Jim Ham

WOW what memories seeing all the pics. My son goes dad were you there and I said Yep..he goes cool... Said I was there from Sept 90 to Jan 92. If you were there at that time and remember me send me an email would love to hear from ya.
28.06.2010, 02:41
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Ich finde den Aufbau der Seite sehr gut.Macht weiter so.
26.06.2010, 22:07

5th 502nd CSC 85-88
What an amazing experience for any young man. I'll never forgot it or my friends.
07.06.2010, 15:33
Ralph Bremer

Served with B Company 2/6th Infantry and AFN-Berlin from February 1980 to June 1985. Loved every day I was there.
06.06.2010, 09:20
Robert Branlund

I was in Berlin From 86-88 I was the DBC's (Col Collins) Driver and then the G3(LTC Dillon)Driver. I lived on McNair and Andrews, I drove a Red Porsche 911T. I remember driving the Col downtown after the Bombing of La'Belles Disco in his Sedan. Also just out of Andrews Backgate there was a bar that a Soldier owned that I used to go to all the time, cant remeber his name!
Loved my time have lots of photos and memories!
05.06.2010, 17:28
Carson Edmonson

Hello! I just wanted to post a large thank you to Gaby for locating my friends. I have seen a lot of negative comments about what has happened to the Berlin many of us knew and loved. Their problems are of course not unique as the same is happening in cities and countries around the world. When I see the manifestations of these problems I am reminded of a quote from Edmund Burke "When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle." Thoughts on the Cause of Present Discontents (1770). Gaby and those like him give me hope that the association of good people will prevail.
03.06.2010, 10:49

HI ALL !!!!

I served with the 4077th Gd BN (6941 st Gd Bd Rooesevelt Barracks)from 1975 to 1977.
I'll never forget this time with all my american friends having in nice time in Starlight and Big Eden.

I recently made a trip to Berlin my hometown.

I found a lot of old friends, germans and americans too in old Mc Nair Barracks.
If you plan to visit berlin don't miss the McNair Musee in McNair Barracks (Entrance is free and the are so many things to see).
You can have a beer there and find all informations about the US-Army in Berlin.

They recently made a embrodered (Berlin Brigade Patch) souvenir pillow made from the original light blue colored curtains hanging in McNair Barracks.
Each pillow is really unique and a good souvenir.
A limted Handmade in Berlin edition.

I'am proud to bought the first one.

You'll find more informations on Initiativkreis McNair

or Faebook:!/profile.php?id=100001044736760

Hand Salute

30.05.2010, 05:59
Carson Edmonson

Hello again! Thanks for answering. The family's name was Kansy. The man is Udo, his wife is Irmchen, and their son is Budo. They lived and worked at the Tennis Club Blau-Weiss on Waldmeisterstrasse at the edge of the Grunewald. Udo was the groundskeeper and Irmchen worked in the kitchen. Budo was about 10 years old at the time (1975). They were also members of the Segelschule Havel where I went sailing with them. I also went with them once on their annual Christmas vacation to Lanersbach, Austria. I tried locating them on the internet but with no luck. By the way, they knew me by my nickname which was "Kit". Thanks!
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