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29.05.2010, 23:25

If you have any names, maybe you can locate them over here? Where did they live?
29.05.2010, 06:55
Carson Edmonson

Hello! Thanks for a great website! I served at Tempelhof from 1974 – 1976 with the 1946th Comm Sq.. I worked in the Telecommunications Center as a “Tech Controller”. If you ever needed a “free” call back stateside we patched you thru when we could. Danny Carr, Jacobs, Jim Patton, Grant Baldwin (GCA), are you out there? I can’t say enough about my Berlin experience. I loved the city. I loved the people. A German family “adopted” me for the two years I was there and I lost track of them a few years after leaving. Any ideas how I could locate them again? Thanks again!
27.05.2010, 22:36
Gaby again
27.05.2010, 14:12
Tim Hall

Hello HJ Strangman. I like the Harnack House Renovation photo's. Do you have any showing the completion? That was one of my projects. My toughest no doubt.
26.05.2010, 23:28
Robert Redmond

Served as ncoic transient alert Tempelhof.This was the
best assignment I had.Berlin
was and is a beautiful city.
Was there 1974-1979,and really didn,t want to leave.
what a ride!
17.05.2010, 19:59

Left Berlin in 1986 when I got married to David Ferrer - long time ago! I was in shock, when I heard the wall was coming down, never expected it to happen during my lifetime! Sad to see the buildings so neglected...Loved the Top Hat and the clubs, but life goes on, things change (too rapidly at times!).
29.04.2010, 06:19

I served in Berlin from feb.
1975 to nov. 1977 C94th field
artillery. I'm looking for
anyone who served in C-94 at
this time.
27.04.2010, 09:44

Hello Michael,

I live in Berlin, I will let you know whenever I pass there, what has happened to the house. Where was it? The German Goverment was doing some renovation works to the housing area and rent the appartments again to German residents.

Many regards,

26.04.2010, 16:42
Michael Haze

I was with the DEH from June 1989 until January 1993, worked in the Housing Office. Would be interested in communicating with anyone still in Berlin to find out what happened to the house I used to live in. Great web site, thanks to Hiram Taylor from Helmstedt for pointing me to it.
25.04.2010, 22:32
shawn david marsh

i served at andrews barracks from the spring of 90 to spring 91 i served in sub station papa on the hill i was an 98 h.. morse intercepter... loved every minute.. am looking for a few guys who served with me ... wheelhamier.. probablly spelled it wrong.. an brian dusoile.. u can contact me at miss all the fun on the kudam... uhhhhhwahhhh.
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