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31.03.2010, 15:41
ray kobialka

served in 4/502 inf 89-91,just saw the pics of the pool at Andrews,used to jump off the highest platform when no one was around! miss my friends, and all the great times, can anyone tell me the name of the disco that was within walking distance of Mcnair if you went out the front gate and took a left? Thanks.
28.03.2010, 20:40
Ron (boot) Ebright

served with Det 3, great time had by all. Rugby team who can ever forget old mc donald. not a day goes by do i not think of you guys.
28.03.2010, 04:05
John Carl Schmarkey

I served in ASA Field Station Berlin Company B january 1976 to july 1977.
I lived at the Andrews Bsrraks and also at 9 Sophienstrasse,Lichterfelde.
I had a great experience in Berlin, Thanks to the great German People.
16.03.2010, 11:09

Hallo to all Air Force members stationet Feb 1980-Jun 1993 on TCA Berlin, Germ./ INSP HB, Security Police Sq./IP
15.03.2010, 04:42
Ed Holley

What a great site.I was at McNair Barracks C 2/6, C 4/502 from 3/83 till 10/86 and loved every minute of it.
07.03.2010, 04:41
Brian Hance

77'-80' A 2/6 Inf,2nd Plt,Honor Guard and unit Armor
06.03.2010, 19:05
Gary Steven Rodgers

I was in Service Co from Jan 1967 to June 1969. Worked at Maintance Div. as a CMMI inspector and POV inspector and also gave a glass at Maintance Div. on Multi Fuel engines to the Brigade
06.03.2010, 13:13
Robert John Smith

Served with the 1946th AACS Squadron at Tempelhof from 1957 - 1960. Very good memories of my time there and the people.
03.03.2010, 10:16
Elke Effner

Diese grandiose Präsentation, ist für mich eine persönliche Reise in die Vergangenheit, die ich nur durch Zufall fand. Erstmal ein Dankeschön an den Initiator und alle Helfer. Ich fand von 1980 bis 1983 meinen ersten Arbeitsplatz als Zivilbeschäftigte bei DEH als Work Order Clerk, mein damaliger Chef war Rolf P. Weber - unvergessen. Noch heute verbindet mich eine Freundschaft zu Barbara Warfield meiner lieben US-Kollegin über die Kontinente. Wer erinnert sich an uns "Mädels" aus der Work Order Reception?
01.03.2010, 15:33
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I had many dear american friends who worked and lived here in the Andrews. After the german reunification most of my american friends had to leave Germany because they did not get a work permit or a residence permit. (What a Scandal! - I´m ashamed for my goverment. So many Russians, Arabs and Turks can come to Berlin so Easyly, but the americans are not welcome anymore. After all what the americans have done for us Westberliners, im very sad, that my dear Amy-friends had to leave. We had a very great time at the Andrews - and the cool Pool was just great. My freinds where civilians, who worket for the US-Armee.
Thanks for this webside and the pictures. It brings back nice memorys to me, back in the early 90tys.
Hugs and greetings to allmy American friends,

Please dont get killed in these senseless wars against the Iraqi and Afghanistan People, and please dont kill ore hurt all the civilian People. There relatives will be the terrorists from tomorrow! If you wanna serve your Country, please dont believe everthing what the army will tell you.
America is the most powerfull country in the world, but it can not winn a war against religios psychos, who dont fear to die for there crazy understanding of relegion.

One thing is for sure:
In wartimes the truth dies at first.
I miss the good old "cold war times" when the amaricans where in Berlin and protectet our freedom - it was great to have you here in Berlin - also the brits, and the french but I never got closed to them.
I miss you!
Hugs from Berlin,
your friend Sven
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