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01.03.2010, 15:17
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I had many dear american friends who worked and lived here in the Andrews. After the german reunification most of my american friends had to leave Germany because they did not get a work permit or a residence permit. (What a Scandal! - I´m ashamed for my govermen. So many Russian, Arabs and Turks can come to Berlin so easaly, but the americans are not welcome anymore. After all what the americans have done for us West-Berliners im very sad, that my friends had to leave. We had a very great time at the Andrews - and the cool Pool. (as civiliens) and I miss my Amis so much!
Thanks for this side and the pictures. It brings back nice memorys to me, back in the early 90tys.
Hugs and greetings to my American friends,

Please dont get killed in these senseless wars against the Iraki and Afghanistan People, and please dont kill all the civilian People. There relatives will be the terrorists from tomorrow! If you wanna serve your Country, please dont believe everthing what they are telling you.
One thing is vor sure:
In war the trueth dies at first.
I miss the good old "cold war times" when the amaricans where in Berlin and kept our freedom - it was great to have you, the brits, and the french People here, and I miss you!
Love -
your friend Sven
22.02.2010, 14:19
Brian Sugden

I was with "D" Squadron 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards in Snuts Bks Spandau 1981 for 1 year. It was there that friends of mine came up with and designed the Urban Cam pattern for our Tanks.
Anyone remember those days?
20.02.2010, 21:59
Kenneth Sweeney

I was stationed at McNair Barracks from July 84 - Feb 88 with B 5/502 Inf. 11B crossover to 11C because they were short on mortarman then got chosen to go to recon and transferred over to CSC 5/502 w/ lt. Steele. Got to guard Rudolph Hess at Spandau prison in April 0f 85 when Hess turned 81 and in Aug of 87 when he died.
20.02.2010, 03:48
mike shipwash

was with the 279 hosp 1972 -1974 any remember me?
19.02.2010, 07:21
Timothy B Coon

Honor guard platoon 2batt 6th Infantry. 1980-82
18.02.2010, 21:23
Jerry Weaver

stationed with HHC 6/502nd, Maint Platoon from 88-90
18.02.2010, 18:54
Daniel Yarbrough Sfc retired

42nd Engr Co Andrews Bks Sept 79-Oct 82 Married Tanners Daughter didn't work out too well. Is the Home-Bar still going?
17.02.2010, 04:31
Richard Blanton

Stationed 1969-71, Mcnair Barracks, Co. B, 3rd Bn., 6th Infantry. Spent 1 yr. Honor Guard; disbanded due to lack of military personnel in co. Went back to Co. B - hated going to the Zone but loved those currywursts.
12.02.2010, 00:37
Dave Coffman
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Recon HHC 4-18 1967-69. It's nice to see that both Germans and Americans care about the Berlin Brigade. We were a center piece in the Cold War and those who were fortunate enough to have been selected for the Brigade appreciate the recognition.
03.02.2010, 18:11
Theodoro M Trujillo

Stationed in Berlin Brigade 4/6 Bn C Co, and CSC Co. from 1972 to 1976. McNair Barracks. Col Katter was Bn Commander. TOW WPNS PLT.
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