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20.02.2010, 03:48
mike shipwash

was with the 279 hosp 1972 -1974 any remember me?
19.02.2010, 07:21
Timothy B Coon

Honor guard platoon 2batt 6th Infantry. 1980-82
18.02.2010, 21:23
Jerry Weaver

stationed with HHC 6/502nd, Maint Platoon from 88-90
18.02.2010, 18:54
Daniel Yarbrough Sfc retired

42nd Engr Co Andrews Bks Sept 79-Oct 82 Married Tanners Daughter didn't work out too well. Is the Home-Bar still going?
17.02.2010, 04:31
Richard Blanton

Stationed 1969-71, Mcnair Barracks, Co. B, 3rd Bn., 6th Infantry. Spent 1 yr. Honor Guard; disbanded due to lack of military personnel in co. Went back to Co. B - hated going to the Zone but loved those currywursts.
12.02.2010, 00:37
Dave Coffman
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Recon HHC 4-18 1967-69. It's nice to see that both Germans and Americans care about the Berlin Brigade. We were a center piece in the Cold War and those who were fortunate enough to have been selected for the Brigade appreciate the recognition.
03.02.2010, 18:11
Theodoro M Trujillo

Stationed in Berlin Brigade 4/6 Bn C Co, and CSC Co. from 1972 to 1976. McNair Barracks. Col Katter was Bn Commander. TOW WPNS PLT.
24.01.2010, 09:54
Robert Barrett

stationed in berlin at Mcnair barracks from1981 to 1983, 94th fa, also worked at andrews barracks as insiallation Nco of non operational lot, for Csm Nichols
21.01.2010, 01:26
Chris Grose

I was stationed at H & S CSB Andrews Barracks from Apr 86 - Sep 89. I worked at S & S Division down the street from McNair Barracks. Hope to hear from some old friends.
13.01.2010, 00:24
christina Brown

I would really like to find the good friends we had back than so if you might know someone that worked in PAC in 88-92 let me know. Some name sI remember,SP4Rich, SP4 henricks, carlos Rosa from Andrews barracks Gary kenney, Michael Onzime. Hope I spelled the names right.
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