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17.05.2016, 16:40
Chuck Boardman

All of my military assignments were interesting, and the one in West Berlin from 1978 to 1981 was my first as a young lieutenant. It was very unique. There are many things that stand out in my mind such as being officer of the guard detail at Spandau Prison to guard Rudolph Hess one Christmas holiday, the other is marrying my wife there. Thanks for the web site. Love the maps.
08.05.2016, 07:16
John Baumchen

I was in Berlin from 1976 to 1979 and attended Tara Elementary School. I lived in Duppel Housing and one other that I can not recall. Dad was in the Army. I lived in Germany off and on from 1976-1991 Army Brat!
02.05.2016, 19:11
jutta thompson

I have worked for the Quartermaster in Berlin from 1960-1964. Do you have any pictures from the Quartermaster Building which was located at 309 Goerzallee which was up the road from McNair Bks. I love and miss Berlin so much. My home.
16.03.2016, 06:09
Ralph Hunkins

Hello,spent my adolescent years in Berlin as a military brat and was so inspired that I joined the Army after college but never had the opportunity to serve in Berlin.

I get back to Berlin a lot for family and business reasons. I live in Dallas and my mother moved back to Berlin a few years ago.

Here is the reason for my post: What type of events are planned in the coming months. I would love to participate.
04.03.2016, 15:47
Chuck Barry

Served with USMLM from 1980 to 1985 and lived on E>C> DIltz Str.
02.03.2016, 06:42
Les Buckner

I was in Signal Co. from 74 thru 76. Best time of my life. As Vietnam vet I felt that Vietnam was a sick joke and Berlin very important.
11.02.2016, 18:15
Johanna Blokker
EMail:  Homepage:

Dear Sir,
Is there a way I can get in touch with you? I am currently preparing a scholarly article on the "conversion" of retired American military bases in Germany to civilian uses and would like to request permission to use some of the visual materials presented on the site.
Thank you!
09.02.2016, 05:17
Jim Sharkey

Great duty even better memories. Home Bar outside Andrews Barracks! I was in Signal Support Company and worked the SatCom station at Andrews '78 to '80
26.01.2016, 21:25
Michael Lepore

I was stationed in Berlin with the 287th MP Co. from Sept 1972 til March 1975. Most of that time, I was part of the ACA detachment. This was a great assignment. Had my wife Mary Ellen with me in Berlin. She worked at the Andrews PX. I coached the baseball team at the Berlin American High School for 1 year. Loved the city and it's people. The transportation system was the best I have ever seen. Loved the curry wurst, and the Berliner Kindle too.
Great web site.
04.12.2015, 03:16
Alex McCoy

was in Co. C 4th BN 6th Inf, from 77 to 79.
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