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01.11.2016, 14:50
berlin braves
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Hi everybody,

Hope all reading this are having a wonderful day! We (the modern berlin braves) are shooting a short documentary about the 1960 Berlin Command Little League All Stars and we are looking for any stock (film or photo) footage from that time in Berlin.

Everything of the American Sector of Berlin in 1960 would be highly appreciated.

If somebody has something or can help us in the right direction, please let us know!

Lots of Love from Berlin,

Joey Elgersma
16.10.2016, 03:50
Leslie Selph

My dad was stationed in Berlin from 1969 - 1972. We were housed in the Dupple housing area. I would love to see some pictures of the exact building we lived in. I have pictures from around that area if anyone would like to see them.
27.09.2016, 22:40
Sigrid Drews

I'm looking for an airman David Douell. He lived on TCA during 1981-82. We spent a nice time together before I ended the relationship. Yesterday I visited the Airlift Monument at Tempelhof - the bank were we kissed is still there and the memories came back. I'm interested what life had planned for him since then. No romantic interest - I'm happily married! Think it would be fun to share some Berlin - memories.
27.09.2016, 04:10
Bryan W

Turner Barracks F Co. 40th Armor
Have Guns Will Travel 1962-1966
18.08.2016, 17:27
Mandy Schutt

Looking for an Officer who served summer, fall and winter of 1964 in Berlin. Was housed in BOQ; may have been 24,25 or 26. Italian looking. Does anyone have any pictures from that time frame? Does anyone remember the "Wagner Girls" who delivered VW cars? If so please contact me. I would appreciate any information no matter how small. 239-222-2595
02.08.2016, 20:09
Warren Wood

287th MP Co. 76-79 Patrol, Railway security, Checkpoint Charlie, Bravo Checkpoint, Stockade.
25.05.2016, 23:56
Jay Schreiber

Berlin Brigade! 5th battalion, 502nd Infantry, Charlie Company. 1989 to 1991. I sure miss Berlin!
17.05.2016, 16:40
Chuck Boardman

All of my military assignments were interesting, and the one in West Berlin from 1978 to 1981 was my first as a young lieutenant. It was very unique. There are many things that stand out in my mind such as being officer of the guard detail at Spandau Prison to guard Rudolph Hess one Christmas holiday, the other is marrying my wife there. Thanks for the web site. Love the maps.
08.05.2016, 07:16
John Baumchen

I was in Berlin from 1976 to 1979 and attended Tara Elementary School. I lived in Duppel Housing and one other that I can not recall. Dad was in the Army. I lived in Germany off and on from 1976-1991 Army Brat!
02.05.2016, 19:11
jutta thompson

I have worked for the Quartermaster in Berlin from 1960-1964. Do you have any pictures from the Quartermaster Building which was located at 309 Goerzallee which was up the road from McNair Bks. I love and miss Berlin so much. My home.
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