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10.06.2015, 15:47
David Hawkins

I was stationed with USASAFSB at Andrews Barracks for 4 years from 1968-1972. With the Army security Agency, MOS: 72B40. Worked mostly at the HQ Comm Center, but also on Teufelsberg 'T-Berg'. Anyone else there the same time?
03.06.2015, 18:07
Jeff Crosby

Was in the 2nd Recon and did the Mission Patrols and patrols on the wall 68 -69. Some great memories
28.05.2015, 03:29
Dick Cioto

WoW! After reading all these comments I feel old. Was sent to Berlin w/ Co. A, 20th Engrs in 1961. Army changed the name to 42 Engr Co. Left Oct 1966. We were sent over the same month as the Wall went up. Wonderful Tour
25.05.2015, 14:33
Ranger Clement Ross

CSC 2/6 Scouts and Aco 4/502 from May 1983 to November1986
11.05.2015, 01:06
Martin Schmidt

Guten Tag ans Team von Harnack-House-Berlin!

Wie wir heute auf das Gespräch, über das Harnack Haus kamen weiß ich nicht mehr (mein Schwager ist einer der wenigen deutschen die ins Harnack gehen konnten, er hat auch einen Krug im Party-Raum zu stehen, ich beneide ihn auch darum. Vielleicht kannte er die richtigen Amerikaner, weil besser amerikanisch kann als manch Amerikaner), kannst du mir eine Liste der Manager des Harnack Haus zusammen stellen.

Man sieht sich in Berlin oder sonnst wo
Martin Schmidt
Good day to the team of Harnack-House-Berlin!

As we got to talking about the Harnack House today I do not know (my brother in law is one of the few German knew that could go to Harnack, he has to stand even a pitcher in the party room, I envy him for it. Maybe he the right Americans because American can better than many Americans), you can give me a list put together the managers of the Harnack house.

See you in Berlin or bask where
Martin Schmidt
26.04.2015, 22:12
Charles Landess

I was stationed in Berlin 1971-1973. Duty with DCSI USCOB. I was housed at Andrews. Many fond memories of Berlin!
22.04.2015, 21:30

Does anyone remember a roy lee mitchell stationed in Berlin 1969 - 1972 ?
06.02.2015, 19:30
Richard Kluender

I was with Signal Company on Andrews from 1977 to 1980 one of my better assignments in Germany other than 66th MI Group in Munich.
06.02.2015, 11:12
Jannis Kreisler

I grew up on Kadettenweg (born 1986). I remember how the flag was taken down every day at 5 p.m. There was a trumpet playing.
I also recall tanks passing by in the street. I wonder what kind of tanks these were. Was it Abrams tanks, and if so, which model? Thank you for hints, best regards.
05.02.2015, 07:17
George Wankmueller

served 2 tours in Berlin, both of them with CSC 3-6. Best tour and times of my military career. Retired in Oct '94.
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