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17.11.2009, 22:12
Steve Morgan

1968-1970 McNair Barracks. Member of the Berlin Bears football team, who kicked butt and took names. Looking for some of those teammates, Brad Baker, Jerry Bayers, Coach Robinson and many other teamates who played in the first ever GI Superbowl against the Champion Air Force team. Stan Walker and I were the captains.I remember one hell of a boxer, Shoebox Brown who played with us too! If anyone remembers those times please email me. Sorry i dont have all the military stories alot of you tell in here, but Berlin was a great experience for me and the other guys from all around the United States I met and enjoyed their friendship.
12.11.2009, 22:05
Mark Berry

I served with the 42nd Engineer Company in 1975.
12.11.2009, 20:16
Lucy Page
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I worked the secretary/administrative assistant for Social Actions 7350th ABG/USAF (1980-1982). Loved the job, co-workers, and people. I am looking for Ibra January, Allen Evans, Watts, and the Droz family. My husband served in 40th Armor (Thomas Page). Berlin was a great tour with many fond memories.
11.11.2009, 13:28
Bruce Remmen

Served in Berlin 8/76 to 8/79
42nd Engr. Co Andrews Kaserne
Great duty was the best in my
6 yrs military career
09.11.2009, 21:16
Richard Overton

More info on my entry. Was assigned to Clay Headquarters in the G-4 div.
Names I remember: Richard Potts, Bill Bucheit, Ingrid Swanke,
09.11.2009, 21:06
Richard Overton

Assigned to Hdqs & Hdqs from 1955 to early 1957. Anybody left out there?
08.11.2009, 21:33

i served in the hq@hqco 6th inf reg honor guard at mcnair barracks @ hq@hqco 2nd batt templehoff in 1955 @1956. i returned to berlin in 1976. i was never treated better in my life than i was by the people of berlin. i would love to return if i could afford it. ich bin ein berliner.
08.11.2009, 21:31
Tim Brown

Reading some of these entries,can't hold back the tears,was stationed at Tuener Barracks from 90-92,did'nt ever want to leave the GREATEST city in the world,and I'm from Chicago,Il.,any tankers out there.We all are a special part of HISTOTY.
08.11.2009, 04:32
larry clingan

Hello all, I was stationed at HHC 4/6 I was company clerk working in the PAC offices, I was there from 3/79 to 5/18/80, i was stationed at Fort Ord when I got my orders and my commanding officer told me iwas lucky because the berlin Brigade was a stracted unit andI better be on my toes while there, it was the best experience of my life i went there as a 18yo and left way older, i saw my first concert there (Supertramp) and man did luv hitting the curry stands at night wow did i eat well there lol. I remember when i got there my first sergeant told me if war breaks out i got 10 seconds to kiss my ass good bye lol. had great time and was proud to be in Berlin and the Army, watching a show on history channel right now and it made me look up Berlin Brigade and I am so glad I found this site keep it up, thanks for reading and I hope one day to get back there and see the old McNair barracks
05.11.2009, 06:59
Mark Wininger

I still have copies of my Flag Orders. Too many trips to remembber them all. The best part, bump orders for the trip back to Berlin.
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