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12.11.2009, 22:05
Mark Berry

I served with the 42nd Engineer Company in 1975.
12.11.2009, 20:16
Lucy Page
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I worked the secretary/administrative assistant for Social Actions 7350th ABG/USAF (1980-1982). Loved the job, co-workers, and people. I am looking for Ibra January, Allen Evans, Watts, and the Droz family. My husband served in 40th Armor (Thomas Page). Berlin was a great tour with many fond memories.
11.11.2009, 13:28
Bruce Remmen

Served in Berlin 8/76 to 8/79
42nd Engr. Co Andrews Kaserne
Great duty was the best in my
6 yrs military career
09.11.2009, 21:16
Richard Overton

More info on my entry. Was assigned to Clay Headquarters in the G-4 div.
Names I remember: Richard Potts, Bill Bucheit, Ingrid Swanke,
09.11.2009, 21:06
Richard Overton

Assigned to Hdqs & Hdqs from 1955 to early 1957. Anybody left out there?
08.11.2009, 21:33

i served in the hq@hqco 6th inf reg honor guard at mcnair barracks @ hq@hqco 2nd batt templehoff in 1955 @1956. i returned to berlin in 1976. i was never treated better in my life than i was by the people of berlin. i would love to return if i could afford it. ich bin ein berliner.
08.11.2009, 21:31
Tim Brown

Reading some of these entries,can't hold back the tears,was stationed at Tuener Barracks from 90-92,did'nt ever want to leave the GREATEST city in the world,and I'm from Chicago,Il.,any tankers out there.We all are a special part of HISTOTY.
08.11.2009, 04:32
larry clingan

Hello all, I was stationed at HHC 4/6 I was company clerk working in the PAC offices, I was there from 3/79 to 5/18/80, i was stationed at Fort Ord when I got my orders and my commanding officer told me iwas lucky because the berlin Brigade was a stracted unit andI better be on my toes while there, it was the best experience of my life i went there as a 18yo and left way older, i saw my first concert there (Supertramp) and man did luv hitting the curry stands at night wow did i eat well there lol. I remember when i got there my first sergeant told me if war breaks out i got 10 seconds to kiss my ass good bye lol. had great time and was proud to be in Berlin and the Army, watching a show on history channel right now and it made me look up Berlin Brigade and I am so glad I found this site keep it up, thanks for reading and I hope one day to get back there and see the old McNair barracks
05.11.2009, 06:59
Mark Wininger

I still have copies of my Flag Orders. Too many trips to remembber them all. The best part, bump orders for the trip back to Berlin.
05.11.2009, 06:53
Mark Wininger

Berlin was the best assignment I ever had. I was with "C" Trick, FSB with ASA and worked on the hill from '74-76. These were the tallest doors I ever had for a room and so much history under our foot steps every day.
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