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15.10.2009, 15:33
vernon anderson

I was station in berlin from 1976-1978 2/6 inf. csc 4.2 plt. I always heard of berlin, but never thought that i would be station there.It was the best time of my life.The people,the food and the wall.
08.10.2009, 23:02
"Ernst V".
EMail: owen165@sbcglobal.nedt 

I served with "Detachment A" in pre-wall Berlin from February 1958 to August 1959. The gang was originally housed at McNair, not far from the AMEXO office but was later moved to Andrews Barracks, in the building just behind the movie theater. Those were exciting and even historical days. 'Good duty and very good off-duty time too, what with evening forays to such as The Lauterplatz on Haupt Strasse or the more up-scale Resi Bar, with it's live orchestra, water show, table-to-table telephones and the wonderful pneumatic tube written message-sending system. I heard recently that it burned down in the 80's and an apartmet building now sits on the site. 'Been back a few times before the wall came down, and usually stayed at the Berlin Hilton (now the Intercotinental Berlin Hotel} next to the zoo. 'Probby couldn't afford that now, what with the weakening dollar. Berlin remains my most favorite city.
01.10.2009, 04:30
rick churchill (msg retired)

served in Berlin from jan 77 to feb 81. stationed at andrews,A co FSB. loved the city!lived on the economy ate to many currywurst and walked miles just seeing the city. Had two sons while there. Been back two times (while in reserves) city has changed but not the memories.
I miss old friends,the job, and the city. God bless
28.09.2009, 01:43
mark reiff

is tonys snellimbus still open
25.09.2009, 19:47
Robert Perez

I am Proud to say that I served in the Berlin Brigade around 1982-1984...1st 502nd. It was one of the Best times in my Life! I miss those days and all the Friends I made. When I was there, I kept saying I wanted to get back to the World.. When I got to the World I realized that I should have stayed Berlin Brigade. The Best Time I had Serving My country. I Loved Running the Wall and Marches through the city.. Recons on the Beach. The first time I heard "Ich liebe dich" WOW! It feels like I was just there.... To all the guys and girls that have been there, done that. Peace, Love and Happiness. Robert Perez Katy, Tx.
25.09.2009, 16:00

Served from 74 through 77.. Fond memories.. Miss the curry stands....Was with the 42nd AG postal branch....Remember Jim Adama, Rick Ryerson, Jeff Corbett, Howard Cherry, and of course Pam, and Alli Babba ( more than one of them)
24.09.2009, 08:23
Michael A. Albert.

I was with the 287th MP Company from 1971 thru 1974 and worked both as NCOIC of Checkpoint Charlie and MPI. Just recently returned to Berlin (my third trip back)in May 2009 to see the sights and visit with my very old, very good friend, Achim (owner of this site) and to finally see what has become of all the places I knew. Did not get turned away from Andrews this time so it was nice to walk around the compound and remember my time there. I love that city!
05.09.2009, 01:56
Bruce Screws

C-3-6 07-1975 thru 12-1977. McNair Barracks. Supply Clerk. I remember French Commando School. Curry Wurst from the stand at the back gate. VolksFest. Guard duty at Spandau Prison. Russian Week. Running, Running, and more Running. Combat in the city. Australian Rappelling. East Berlin tours-Check Point Charlie. Duty Train to Frankfort.
02.09.2009, 03:25
Bobby Williams

i was in 4th of 502nd b company mortersfrom fem 1988 to sept 1990 and loved every minute of it
16.08.2009, 16:12
Jim Snyder

Great website!!! I was in C 4-6 Inf Mortar Plt from 1974 to 1979. My wife and I lived at the Schlangenbader Str. Housing Area. We loved living in Berlin
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