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28.06.2009, 01:33
Dale Cooksey

I was with the 287th MP Co. 1969-71. Worked mostly patrol duty, some work at the US Army Brig. Loved my time there but did not appreciate the experience until years later. Went back to Berlin after a 38 year absence in early June 2009. Sad to see the condition of Andrews and McNair. Went to visit Andrews just to see my old barracks, but got ran off the place by a very unfriendly German. That was the only bad experience of my return visit. If anyone remembers me I love to hear from you.
22.06.2009, 04:14
Rich McKillop

Served in West Berlin 1967 - 1972 at templehof US Air Force. five great years of my life
11.06.2009, 03:32
Alton McVey

I'm a U.S. Army vet writing a book about my Berlin experiences in 1962. Many of the excellent photos on are helpful in describing my experience. How could I contact the webmaster to obtain permission to use photographs for my book?


achim_deh (at)

hansjoachim.genzel (at)

28.05.2009, 18:57
Dr. Frank Schmitz

I am working on an official research project about the buildings of the Andrews Barracks for the German Ministry of Building. I have a couple of questions about the Directorate of Engineering and Housing, can anyone help me?
Best wishes, Dr. Frank Schmitz
28.05.2009, 05:30
james winkworth

I taught at JFK 1978-80. Cold War, Duty Train, PX. Soviet patrols in Truman Plaza. Harnack House Club.
Big history, wonderful place, best people both German and American!
22.05.2009, 06:56
Wayne Smith

Served in Field Station Berlin in 1981/82. Enjoyed my time there, proud to have served.
13.05.2009, 23:54
Drake Erlenbach

I served as A company 2/6 Commo. Chief in 1968. They kept me in the basement all of the time. About all I remember is the 4 Ring and Clock Tower.
12.05.2009, 20:18
lisa humann mainini

great to read all the entries
my husband was airtraffic control at tempelhof. his name was john humann. i still keep in touch with some of the 1946 aacsquadron personel
08.05.2009, 09:25
Sabine G.

I hat my Training as Cook in 1986- 87 on TCA and Harnack House. Nice Time, great People...unvorgattable
06.05.2009, 22:58
Bernie Chapman, US Army Retired

I served at the Army Hospital from July 1981 to June 1984.

I thank those who initiated and maintain this website.
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