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16.04.2009, 06:33
Bob Cleaver

Was assigned to the Finance Office from October 1967 until October 1969. Disbursing, Accounting, then Military Pay Officer. Son was born in Berlin.
10.04.2009, 14:00
max/alan hardesty

C/3/6 Infantry Cold Steel
29.03.2009, 17:16
Peter Fischer

was Civilian Employee from 1972 - 1992 first at DEH, than at TASC-G3 in Videoproduction
27.03.2009, 18:02
Tracey Blakey

I was in Berlin from Nov 87 -Dec 92. It was definitely the best duty station of my military career. I got out of the army in 1992 (IRR) and was called back in to serve in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2006. During my two week leave, I went to Edelweiss resort in Garmisch and took the train to Berlin. It brought back good memories but I was also saddened to see the state of McNair barracks and Truman Plaza but other than that it is still a great place to visit.
24.03.2009, 23:26
Keith Wertz

Was there from 1977-79, and worked in Comm Ctr at the hill. USASA
20.03.2009, 15:38
Ed Gauler

I was with CSC 5th Bn, 502nd INF. Scout Platoon, Squad leader, did recon and wall patrols. I was also the announcer for some parades, did the "Duty, Honor, Country" speech in Apr 1985 review.
18.03.2009, 21:53
Jill Fisher

88-91', 287th MP Co... Best 3 yrs of my life, other than kids!!!
11.03.2009, 18:34
R. Hill

Was in A 2/6 From '79-'81 Good folks, beautiful countryside. Havn't been back, but would love to see it again.
02.03.2009, 22:37
Freddie Ordones

My name is Freddie Ordones, I was stationed in Berlin from July of 1980 to March of 1983. I was with 4/6 Inf (11C) and C94th FA (13F). Had the best time in my Army career in Berlin. Beautiful place and beautiful people there.
23.02.2009, 21:15
Leo Mullens

My name is Leo Mullens and I served at McNair from Feb. 1963 - Jan. 1965. Headquarters 3, Battalion 6 Infantry. I met my wife in Berlin. She worked at the Starlight Grove. We are still together 45 years later.
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