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02.03.2009, 22:37
Freddie Ordones

My name is Freddie Ordones, I was stationed in Berlin from July of 1980 to March of 1983. I was with 4/6 Inf (11C) and C94th FA (13F). Had the best time in my Army career in Berlin. Beautiful place and beautiful people there.
23.02.2009, 21:15
Leo Mullens

My name is Leo Mullens and I served at McNair from Feb. 1963 - Jan. 1965. Headquarters 3, Battalion 6 Infantry. I met my wife in Berlin. She worked at the Starlight Grove. We are still together 45 years later.
17.02.2009, 04:55
Jack Kennedy

Looking for my old friends from 7350th support squadron from 1961-1963 at Templehof Central Airport. Kirby, Eugene, Kenny are you out there???
13.02.2009, 19:13
Bob Muto

I served with the 42nd Eng Co from 1982 to 1988, got married to a Berliner and go back all the time..still stay by Andrew Barracks great web site
12.02.2009, 22:00
Chris L. Bognear

I was stationed @ McNair Barrack in 2/46 from Apr 84- Sep 88. Haven't been back to Berlin since then. Was justed contacted by a buddy I served with in Berlin during that time in a letter just today! I loved Berlin and just visited Frankfurt 8 months ago, but didn't have time to take the train to revisit Berlin. Have to see the city again after 21 years.
10.02.2009, 03:44
Tim Kennedy

I was stationed in Berlin with both C-94 and E-320. I was there from October 83 until February 90. I was a fister and the battery Training NCO. I loved the city and the men and women i served with. It tore my heart out to see the state of McNair Barracks since the Army left.
08.02.2009, 21:45

Wow, what a great site! I was working as a LN at the Maintenance Division at Andrews Barracks - and I was a regular at all Clubs with Country Music! Definitely the time of my life!!
05.02.2009, 14:47
Phyllis A. Fitzgerald (Roberts)

I was stationed in Berlin from 1981 - 1985, with HHB Berlin Brigade. I worked at Clay Compound for DCSI, USCOB. I had a great time in Berlin. I met my husband Keith Fitzgerald - C-94FA/McNair Barracks, married him, had our son at the Berlin American Hospital. 25 years later we are still happily married. Some of the best years of my life were spent in Berlin.
31.01.2009, 00:38
joseph nick diaz

i served with co b 3rd bn 6th inf from 1974-1977 at mcnair barracks i have alot of great memories of berlin and would love to visit some day maybe some of my old buddies would get in touch it is kind of sad that we no longer have a present there in berlin anymore it was a unique kind of duty i will always miss my service there
29.01.2009, 05:53
Pete Bauer

I served in the Mortar Plt. of Charlie Co. 6/502nd at McNair Barracks from Feb. 87 to Feb 89.
Ran the Berlin Marathon in 1988.
Learned to speak German while there and later, because of my experience in the city, went to the Defense Language Institute and became a Russian Interpreter.
Loved the city and the history. Have not been back since the Wall came down. Hope to in the future.
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