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09.12.2008, 18:35
Timothy Day

Nice web page. I was stationed at Andrews Barracks in 1969-70. I was with the 592nd Sig Co. we shared the same building as our barracks. I was also a life guard at the indoor swimming pool.
Brings back a lot of great memories.
25.11.2008, 01:52
John Kossuch

Company clerk at Service Company, 1969-1971 also served in clerical position Battalion HQ, Service Company
24.11.2008, 17:37
howard holland

just found this site.i was with A com. honor guard. and with maj.Seabore,chaplin,also with e&i div.i became a gotfather to a cilivain who worked as a guard at E&I. his daughter should be around 35. can use any information.
14.11.2008, 06:33
Richard Galloway

I pulled up the website from a Google search for Tempelhof. I was in Berlin from July '68 through Aug '71 with the USAF 6912th Security Sqdn. Lived at TCA and worked at the Marienfelde site. Definitely enjoyed the opportunity to live in the city and travel to other parts of Europe. The pizza at Renato's Bar was the best.
12.11.2008, 01:38
John J. Salamida

I was at Andrews Barracks Nov 63-Feb 66 with the 78th Army Security Agency. I'd love to hear from anyone who served with me there. This makes me want to dig out the old pictures.
09.11.2008, 00:12
Richard McGiffin

I was with the 287th MP Co. from Mar-1972 thru Sep-1975. I worked at Check Point Charlie, ACA, and Patrol, My wife is a BERLINER,we were marred at Andrews, in 1975. I loved my time in W.Berlin, and the W.Berliners I met.
06.11.2008, 22:10
Bryan Duckett
EMail:  Homepage:

I was a Berlin Brat from 1980-83. My father was Det-A. If anyone reading this message was either a Brat or had Brats that attended Berlin American High School, or Thomas A Roberts School, please contact me at The Berlin Brats Alumni Association is having their next reunion in 2009, and we would like to find missing Brats. More Information can be found at and tell them Bryan Duckett sent you! Danke und Guttentag!

I have one request. If anyone knows whom "Cole Sports Center" is named after, please send me an email... once again, Danke!
01.11.2008, 07:37
Larry Laney

I was stationed in Berlin 1971 to 1973. Was At McNair Kaserne through May of 72 when I transferred into Allied Staff Berlin. December 1972 went back to McNair and was there until I left in 1973. I remember the currywurst and the best pizza was at Franks Pig Pen not too far from Andrews. Would like to hear from anyone stationed there at that time.
28.10.2008, 03:53
MAJ Robert E. Schneider (Retired)

Hello, I'm a military brat, that once live in Berlin with my father Edward G. Schneider a former maintenance Warrent Office assigned to the 40th Armor from 1966 - 1969. I was looking for someone who may have served with him during that period. Please send me an email. I have a unit photo I would like to share with anyone that response.
26.10.2008, 02:07
Eric Clippinger

Served 67 to 70. Last assignment at Battalion HQ Andrews Barracks. SSG E6. My wife and 18 year old daughter were in Berlin in June 08. Wow! How different! When I left in 70 I knew every street and alley and could get anywhere by car. This year I couldn't find my way accross the street. No Old ruins and vacant lots, the trees are all huge and there are so many cars! Berlin is so vibrant and beautiful today that I was amazed and gratified by the evolution. We were there for three days and had no disappointments!
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