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26.10.2008, 02:07
Eric Clippinger

Served 67 to 70. Last assignment at Battalion HQ Andrews Barracks. SSG E6. My wife and 18 year old daughter were in Berlin in June 08. Wow! How different! When I left in 70 I knew every street and alley and could get anywhere by car. This year I couldn't find my way accross the street. No Old ruins and vacant lots, the trees are all huge and there are so many cars! Berlin is so vibrant and beautiful today that I was amazed and gratified by the evolution. We were there for three days and had no disappointments!
19.10.2008, 02:09
Vic (BIG AL ) Alvarez
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Very,VERY GOOD work,,,good job. Looking for ALL BERLIN REDLEGS!!! E-320 and C/94 soldiers. Please contact me for more info on our web site and reuion. Thanks all,, BIG AL
30.09.2008, 14:52
Stan Stewart
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Was in Berlin from Aug 76 until Aug 93 Retired from U.S. Army Sig Co in Dec 1980 as 1SG. Lots of fond memories Hi to all.
26.09.2008, 06:29

I enjoyed looking at this site. I was assigned to USAFSB from April 1984 to April 1988. I worked on the hill at Teufelsberg for 3 years and on Andrews for 1 year. I loved Berlin.
25.09.2008, 19:38
Deb Turner

WOW looks like you had a great day for your celebration.
Sure wish I could have been there. All the best to all of you.
25.09.2008, 17:01
Richard "Mr. G" Gadarian

Helloooooo all. A wonderful web site. Congratulations to Achim for remembering.

First tour in Berlin 1953-1955, second 1959-1962 and last 1973-1977, retired and went to work for the Hqs Comdt as Property Book Officer (an LN position). Retired in 1994 after the Berlin Command closed it's doors. All in all spent 37 years in Berlin and consider Berlin my home town (I'm a New Yorker-city that is).
25.09.2008, 13:10
Rose Aguayo

I was stationed at the Berlin Brigade Aug 82 - Feb 89 (CSB and HHC, Berlin Bde) and worked at HQs BB in the AG (Admin Mgt and Personnel Mgt, and AG SGM). My husband Paul worked in HQs Cmdt and our daughter, Heather, was born in Berlin at the MEDDAC. Keep up the great work!
25.09.2008, 10:30
SFC (Retired) Joseph Scott (scotty)

Served in Berlin from April 1976 to April 1985. Worked as civilian from 1985 with the DOL, Admin until Closed. Worked with American Embassy Assoc until Sept 1998. Returned to the States in April 1999. Berlin was my second home, I spent more time in Berlin than I did in the Town I was born in. I miss the friends I left in berlin and I haven't got a chance to return but I'm going to make the effort now that I've retired again and most of my children are grown.
23.09.2008, 05:52
David Ellison

I served there from 5/77 to 6/79, in cobra 2/6. Got out in Berlin and I love that City, it made you feel like you were alive. Lookin to find out about the people i served with.
23.09.2008, 00:22
Leigh E Smith Jr

I served with B Co. 6/502nd Infantry, Bravo Bulldogs from February 1987 to March 1990. Berlin was the best military assignment ever. Thank you for everything.

MSG Leigh E Smith Jr
US Army (retired)
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