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23.09.2008, 05:52
David Ellison

I served there from 5/77 to 6/79, in cobra 2/6. Got out in Berlin and I love that City, it made you feel like you were alive. Lookin to find out about the people i served with.
23.09.2008, 00:22
Leigh E Smith Jr

I served with B Co. 6/502nd Infantry, Bravo Bulldogs from February 1987 to March 1990. Berlin was the best military assignment ever. Thank you for everything.

MSG Leigh E Smith Jr
US Army (retired)
18.09.2008, 04:50
Eddie Redden

I enjoyed this site. I served in Berlin from 1971 thru 1973 was assigned to USCOB/Allied Staff Berlin and worked in Britsh Sector but lived at Andrews in Headquarters Company until we moved out into the AFN Barricks after they got their own house. Berlin memories stay with you for a lifetime and one will always be a Berliner once they have lived there. I am still in touch with a couple of friends I made there but would love to hear from others who knew me. Thank you for creating this site. Would love to have a curry wurst again and have pizza at Guiapados! Best 2 and a half years of my life!!!
11.09.2008, 13:44
Catherine Whitney

I am looking for anyone who might have served with my brother James (Jim) Schuler in the Berlin Brigade (1981-1984). He was a sergeant with the 42nd engineer company, a redhead from Seattle, career army, Vietnam veteran. Jim died in 2001 after many years of alcoholism and PTSD. It appears from his records that he got into trouble in Berlin that led to a court martial and demotion in rank from E-7 to E-6. (Something about a debt to Heinz Hapke and Helmut Jost). Jim was very close-mouthed in his final years, and we are trying to fill out the picture of his life. If you knew him in Germany, I would be grateful to hear from you. My e-mail is Thanks! Catherine Whitney
05.09.2008, 01:35
SSG George A. Moore, III US Army (Ret)

Stationed at Andrews Kaserne Jan 76 to Jun 80. Worked at various places. Loved working at Roosevelt Kaserne
30.08.2008, 01:48
Carlos Ballard

I served in Berlin June, 1971 to December, 1972. I was assigned to Hdg Platoon, C Company, 3rd of the 6th. I was a Spec 4 and worked as the Training NCO.
29.08.2008, 02:51

I am trying to find soldiers who were awarded the EIB during 91-94 time period. Anyone out there who can help, please email me at
26.08.2008, 21:04
john pierson(charlie)

i served h&s co fsberlin 72-75 as antenna crew chief at the hill played alot softball in the co area alot of great menories from that place great site
23.08.2008, 18:32
Rich Demoro

I flew for the US Army out of TCA, Sep 68 to Sep 69. Was a crew chief on a UH-1B helicopter tail number
63-00551, it crashed a month after I left Berlin. My experience in Berlin was wonderful. The people in Berlin were wonderful, hospitable folks. Was invited for many home cooked meals. Too bad I lost touch after I left.
20.08.2008, 23:05
raymond malbrough
EMail:  Homepage:

hi i was in c battery 94th fa when it was first started in 1963 i was there till 1965 would really like to here from anyone that was in the old unit and beyond my time in berlin
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