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13.02.2008, 18:39
Barb Fowler

Does anyone remember me. Would like to hear from anyone who worked at AG Personnel or the Finance & Accounting Office during 1969 – 1980. Unfortunately I lost touch with almost everyone due to transfers
08.02.2008, 03:16
Mike Frazer

A-3-6 '68-'69, First BB USAEUR wrestling team and group to sit on border during August '68 Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia
06.02.2008, 17:24
W.D. Miller

BBde '82-'84 Co A 4/6 Inf, good job keep it up
21.01.2008, 02:44
Bernard Malinak

Best tour of duty in the world. McNair Barracks Headquarters 62-64
18.01.2008, 18:11
george obrien
EMail:  Homepage: http://turner

was a member of Tank co.6th Inf. regt in 1958, we then became Co F, 40th Armor, unfortunately only spent 18 months in city, but have returned many times and have many friends in city, best duty assignment in my career.
08.01.2008, 14:31
Thomas F. Tetterton

Ich Gruesse alle mit denen Ich damals zusammen gearbeitet habe. (1992)
Habe in der Zimmerei/ Tischlerei gearbeitet, bis ich ausgewandert bin. Habe sehr viele gute Erinnerungen und denke immer noch sehr oft an meine alten Kollegen. Viel Spass gehabt und keinen Stress. Was fuer schoene Zeiten- das doch waren.
08.01.2008, 01:48
gary d mathena

I was in Berlin from 1979-1981. I loved my time in Berlin, and consider myself a little bit a Berliner. I really miss Florida Boy drinks, Coke mit lemanade and CURRY WURST!!!!!! Oh, those late night pomme frites mit mayonaise. Brings back the memories.
31.12.2007, 01:26
Jeff Lear

Very nice web site. I was with F 40th Ar 67-68 and also made many TDY trips back to Berlin to Andrews Bks with Det A,. and when I was Asst Opns Sgt with the 95th MP Bn 80-82 to augument the 287th when they did their ARTEPS. I truly miss the OLD Berlin.
24.12.2007, 19:38
kelly darden

hey, I was in the 4th of the 502nd from 87 to 89. what a great time.I still remember the currywurst from Mrs. J's outside of McNair barracks.
21.12.2007, 02:26
Jeff Trnka

Yo Achim!! Served with 287th 87-90 Patrol Sup, Desk Sgt, DST NCOIC, and Physical Security. Loved working with the GP's and Kripo. Great site brought back lots of memories- Cant believe its been 20 years already!!
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