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30.05.2008, 23:17
Peter Schmitz

It´s funny to see old pictures of DEH and other U.S. Compounds.
I use to be the driver of Col. Nelsen at DEH in 1991.
A great Job. Met nice people in that time.
30.05.2008, 04:14
Robert Mowad

thanks for the memories...I was stationed with det 3 of the 7350th support group from 1971 to 1973.. what a great duty it was ..I was a "scope dope"
24.05.2008, 03:44
fred giers

What a thrill to view this
website. A wonderful reminder
that heroes do exist, who helped liberate Berlin, and stood guard to keep Berlin free. Happy memories go back to 1945 when I was an eleven year old and became attached
to the 252nd Combat Engineering Battalion as a 'mascot.' Thanks to all Brigaders for making my U.S.
citizenship a reality.
Frd Giers
21.05.2008, 18:31
stephanie eisenkrätzer

hallo können sie mir helfen meinen vater zu finden er heisst hans joachim schüssler und war damals mal mit meiner mutter kerstin theumer zusammen dabei ist ein kind entstanden und ich suche jetzt meinen vater würde mich über antwort freuen
18.05.2008, 15:56
Darrel C. Bjornson

Thanks for the website and opportunity to comment in the guestbook. We were stationed in Berlin from 1973-76 at the 279th Station Hospital (later, Berlin MEDDAC). Great assignment! Darrel Bjornson
08.05.2008, 19:23
MSG (R) Robert F. Evangelista

I served with the 42nd Engineer Company, Headquarters Platoon, Water Supply Section, from 28 January 1972 thru 28 June 1974. I am very proud to be a Berlin Soldier, Iron Curtain Veteran, and a Cold War Veteran. We are a generation of Veterans, that will never receive Reconition, for our gallant service.
08.05.2008, 01:25
Cheryl Krupka

I was stationed in Berlin '91 to '93. Started as 6th Support Bn but ended up CSB. Great Site, I am looking forward to seeing more pictures.
15.04.2008, 21:53
Joel Flowers

Great site! I worked at the Andrews Theater at Andrews Barracks from '89 until '94. I miss Berlin and all my old friends there.
08.04.2008, 16:47
Yancey Bady


This is a great site I served in Berlin from 89-93. Echo 320th Field Artillery/ 6/502 Infantry F.I.S.T. Forward Observer. I am going to go back and visit. If I had to live anywhere in the world and leave Chicago I would live in Berlin
05.04.2008, 14:14
Reimund Krüger

is theire anyone who can help me to find my father?
I was born on October,1st,1960
in Berlin/Schöneberg.
The name of my mother is Pia Hager and my father´s name is Ronald Fuller he served in the Us-Army in Berlin from 1959 until the early sixtees.
I hope someone know him and can give me some information
about him.
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