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15.04.2008, 21:53
Joel Flowers

Great site! I worked at the Andrews Theater at Andrews Barracks from '89 until '94. I miss Berlin and all my old friends there.
08.04.2008, 16:47
Yancey Bady


This is a great site I served in Berlin from 89-93. Echo 320th Field Artillery/ 6/502 Infantry F.I.S.T. Forward Observer. I am going to go back and visit. If I had to live anywhere in the world and leave Chicago I would live in Berlin
05.04.2008, 14:14
Reimund Krüger

is theire anyone who can help me to find my father?
I was born on October,1st,1960
in Berlin/Schöneberg.
The name of my mother is Pia Hager and my father´s name is Ronald Fuller he served in the Us-Army in Berlin from 1959 until the early sixtees.
I hope someone know him and can give me some information
about him.
05.04.2008, 01:30
LT. Chris Newport

I served in the Brigade in from "72 to '74. Both in line Companies and, later, in staff.
02.04.2008, 22:21
Alberto M. "AJ" Juliachs

I was with the 2nd. plt. 287th MP Co., from 11-1978 to Jan. 1980. Worked the road and rails. Had a great time. Enjoyed the food and most of all the friends I made. Loved eating at Al Mulinos which is now owned and operated by Franco and his bride. I returned in 2006 and first thing I did is eat a Curry Wurst! Will be back in 2010. Thanks, for this wonderful site! I am a Berliner!
20.03.2008, 23:39
John Gahring

I was the Personnel Security Sgt for Berlin from 1965 - 1967 at which time I left for Officers' School at Ft Benning. Hans, I would appreciate any information about Teddy B. Mohr from G2 Security.
19.03.2008, 00:26
Ray Fox

Teaching for the University of Maryland European Division, I lived in Andrews toward the end of its "U.S. life" -- from October 1993 to August 1994. My room was nicely furnished, and I didn't mind having the toilets and showers down the hall. I taught at McNair and the high school. Living in Berlin was exciting. I appreciated being allowed to stay in Andrews for free. It's on to fifteen years later and I still think of the place.
13.02.2008, 18:39
Barb Fowler

Does anyone remember me. Would like to hear from anyone who worked at AG Personnel or the Finance & Accounting Office during 1969 – 1980. Unfortunately I lost touch with almost everyone due to transfers
08.02.2008, 03:16
Mike Frazer

A-3-6 '68-'69, First BB USAEUR wrestling team and group to sit on border during August '68 Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia
06.02.2008, 17:24
W.D. Miller

BBde '82-'84 Co A 4/6 Inf, good job keep it up
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