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05.04.2008, 14:14
Reimund Krüger

is theire anyone who can help me to find my father?
I was born on October,1st,1960
in Berlin/Schöneberg.
The name of my mother is Pia Hager and my father´s name is Ronald Fuller he served in the Us-Army in Berlin from 1959 until the early sixtees.
I hope someone know him and can give me some information
about him.
05.04.2008, 01:30
LT. Chris Newport

I served in the Brigade in from "72 to '74. Both in line Companies and, later, in staff.
02.04.2008, 22:21
Alberto M. "AJ" Juliachs

I was with the 2nd. plt. 287th MP Co., from 11-1978 to Jan. 1980. Worked the road and rails. Had a great time. Enjoyed the food and most of all the friends I made. Loved eating at Al Mulinos which is now owned and operated by Franco and his bride. I returned in 2006 and first thing I did is eat a Curry Wurst! Will be back in 2010. Thanks, for this wonderful site! I am a Berliner!
20.03.2008, 23:39
John Gahring

I was the Personnel Security Sgt for Berlin from 1965 - 1967 at which time I left for Officers' School at Ft Benning. Hans, I would appreciate any information about Teddy B. Mohr from G2 Security.
19.03.2008, 00:26
Ray Fox

Teaching for the University of Maryland European Division, I lived in Andrews toward the end of its "U.S. life" -- from October 1993 to August 1994. My room was nicely furnished, and I didn't mind having the toilets and showers down the hall. I taught at McNair and the high school. Living in Berlin was exciting. I appreciated being allowed to stay in Andrews for free. It's on to fifteen years later and I still think of the place.
13.02.2008, 18:39
Barb Fowler

Does anyone remember me. Would like to hear from anyone who worked at AG Personnel or the Finance & Accounting Office during 1969 – 1980. Unfortunately I lost touch with almost everyone due to transfers
08.02.2008, 03:16
Mike Frazer

A-3-6 '68-'69, First BB USAEUR wrestling team and group to sit on border during August '68 Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia
06.02.2008, 17:24
W.D. Miller

BBde '82-'84 Co A 4/6 Inf, good job keep it up
21.01.2008, 02:44
Bernard Malinak

Best tour of duty in the world. McNair Barracks Headquarters 62-64
18.01.2008, 18:11
george obrien
EMail:  Homepage: http://turner

was a member of Tank co.6th Inf. regt in 1958, we then became Co F, 40th Armor, unfortunately only spent 18 months in city, but have returned many times and have many friends in city, best duty assignment in my career.
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