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18.09.2007, 16:02
Howard Hizer

I was with the 287th between 86-89(Black Sheep). Left a month before the wall came down. Great site!
04.09.2007, 06:47
Michael A. albert

Achim. I think you have surpassed yourself in web design! This is GREAT! The pictures of Andrews brought back some good memories, as they always do. So you put pictures of me up from when I was in MPI and working jointly with Kripo, you old dog! ha ha. Wish I had other photos of the "gang" brom Club 45 and around the area. Can't believe we don't have anything pictures? The ones I did have were stolen with all my other stuff years ago.
Great site. Thanks for keeping the History of Berlin alive.
18.08.2007, 11:10

I was a member of the 287th MP Company there in the Berlin Brigade from 1984 through 1987, and fondly remember serving at Checkpoint Charlie, Bravo, Spandau and especially living on Andrews Barracks.

I ate at Al Mulinos (Finckenstein Allee) about 3 times a week.

What a great time!!
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