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03.09.2014, 20:22
Jill Fisher

287th MP Co. Aug 88-Jul 91
01.09.2014, 22:17
Lawrence Twardzak

USAF Zoomie, assigned to Marinefeld. We lived on the 4th floor of one of the Sundgauer Towers. Got crashed into by a DUI local and wound up in the German orthopaedic hospital near BB from the date of the accident (Thanksgiving eve) unitl the 1st of Feb -- never got out of bed the whole time. Severely broken left leg.
17.08.2014, 00:00
John J Hehir Jr

Served in Berlin from 1962 to 1965 including with A/2/6 and Hqs Co 4/18. In addition G-4 Staff. Spent December 1962 as one of the OIC's of Checkpoint Charlie. Married in Berlin and visit almost every year.
01.08.2014, 17:12

Harn, Speichel, Kot, Schweiss, Erbrochenes und Sekret aus dem Bauchnabel von anderen sind eklig
30.07.2014, 23:26
Jamie D. King
EMail:  Homepage: http://Berlin-Brigade

Jan.9,1977-July14,1979 287th MP
29.07.2014, 05:48
James Scott

1985-1987 with the 287th MP Co.
22.07.2014, 12:27
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Ihre Website ist sehr reich in Bezug auf praktische und nützliche Dokumentation. Ich danke Ihnen sehr.
12.06.2014, 16:42
serrurerie 75017
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Bravo et Merci pour ce site qui est vraiment trés agreable a visitez.
24.04.2014, 21:31
Ron Engebretson

I was in C co. 4/502 from 85 to 89. I loved it. Great place to be a young soldier! Thanks for the page.
20.04.2014, 14:13
Wolfgang Luther

I had many gigs with my Rockband"The Ghostriders" in the years 1960-1963, and also in the McNairs.
It was afunny time for us.
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