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26.12.2014, 19:09
Richard Carpenter

287th MP Company, 1957 and 1958. Special Assignment, Berlin/Helmstedt
23.12.2014, 22:25
Herbert L. Keister

Stationed in the first building on the right side just inside the compound gate, Berlin Brigade, 766th MID, 66MI Group June 1970 to April 1972.
20.12.2014, 16:03
frank scheffler

hallo herr strangmann, ich habe also bei einer malerfirma für deh als bauleiter gearbeitet. oft hatte ich mit dem schlüsselbüro und dort hans wagener zu tun. ausserdem mit den bauleiter loechelt, praetzel und krasemann und frau ziegel. gibt es dort noch infos darüber? gruß scheffler
23.11.2014, 22:06
Andy Kelso

I was with the 42nd Eng Co form 91-94 the best time I had in the Army
07.11.2014, 20:17
Terry Cope

late 1980 to early 1982. I was in the 42nd Engineer co. ribbon bridge section.
07.11.2014, 05:32
Larry Slemmons

I served Berlin Brigade USASA 1965-1967.
18.10.2014, 05:23
Glenn Carter

Served 90-92 as Commo Chief, 42nd Eng. Co. at Andrews and McNair. Lived on Taylorstrasse, kept my Harley out front... Loved Berlin and would love to visit someday. An honor to be a small part of history.
13.09.2014, 20:23

Great webside! I was a wild little 17 from Finland 1980-1981. I worked as an au-pair girl in german family who lived at Zehlendorf and had many U.S friends who served at McNair or Andrews. I haven't been in Berlin since 80's but never forget that year!
03.09.2014, 20:22
Jill Fisher

287th MP Co. Aug 88-Jul 91
01.09.2014, 22:17
Lawrence Twardzak

USAF Zoomie, assigned to Marinefeld. We lived on the 4th floor of one of the Sundgauer Towers. Got crashed into by a DUI local and wound up in the German orthopaedic hospital near BB from the date of the accident (Thanksgiving eve) unitl the 1st of Feb -- never got out of bed the whole time. Severely broken left leg.
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