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23.01.2014, 23:14
Horst Budweg

Achim, super page, very informatic and a phantastic historical research. The french word for "hats off" would be chapeau, and that´s what I´ll do.
03.01.2014, 16:24
Monika Bring

I am looking for Staff Seargent Michel Pickett, stationed at McNair at least between 1990-91, Afro-American, lived at BB area with his family, was from North Carolina. Thank you for any help finding him!
please contact me:
22.12.2013, 16:24
SFC Michael Rafferty

One of the final 4 NCOICs of Allied Checkpoint Charlie. Worked the morning of 10 Nov 89. Was in the closing ceremony.
18.12.2013, 13:44
Petra Roloff
EMail:  Homepage:

Dear Sir or Madam,
The Berlin Scientific Society has its 40th anniversary this month. In the beginning the members, mostly professors of the FU Berlin, met in the Harnack House because they had no other place were they could discuss undesturbed by the revolting students. The Americans helped with this offer that the society could realize its first years of scientific and interdisciplinary work.
We were very thankful if we could use a number of your old photographs of the Harnack House for our internal commemorative publication. Do you agrèe?
Kind regards
Petra Roloff
Head of branch office
09.12.2013, 02:33
Walt Van Arsdale

Stationed with the Transportation Div, Berlin Bde from 1966-1967 with duties as Duty Train Commander on the trains from Berlin to Helmstedt and return.
03.12.2013, 17:32
John Klems

Stationed with US Army Aviation Detachment from Oct 78 to Aug 81.
02.12.2013, 23:44
Bob Gomes

Looking for old friends 59-61
30.10.2013, 23:28
Craig Kinney

Does anyone know how I can get a copy of my daughter's birth certificate? She was born at the Military Hospital in Berlin in 1975. Thanks for any assistance.
16.10.2013, 17:30
Victor St Clair

I served in C/2/6 Inf from 10/62 - 4/64; @98th Army Band 4/64 - 4/66, 3/67 - 4/70, 5/71 - 4/76.
11.10.2013, 01:47
Mark Lissor

I was at Tempelhof from 1979-1982, 7350th Security Police. Very fond memories of my time in Berlin, the people, history, food and the best assignment I had in 20 years of service. Thanks for the memories.
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