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05.10.2018, 22:52

Hi all. My ex husband was staioned here in FSB 1982-1985. I worked at the Foodland convenience store across from the commissary on Clayallee for a short time and I was interviewed by AFN Berlin News about how I felt about working on Columbus Day. I had had never seen the broadcast that evening and was wondering what happened to the archives of the AFN News in Berlin as I would love to see what I looked like and to briefly live back in that moment of time forever in my memory. Does anybody know how I can get in touch with anyone who would know the whereabouts of this newscast. It aired on Columbus Day 1982 or 1983, perhaps even 1984. Thank you for your help. And greetings to all the friends of Todd and Mary Comstock reading this. I am Mary Gustave now and you can look me up on Facebook. Todd is on FB as well and even though we are no longer married we are stilling living near one another.
27.08.2018, 10:59
Gregor Müller

Hi, I´m working for the german TV-production company Saxonia Entertainment GmbH which is currently producing a TV-documentary about a soviet soldier trying to desert over the Berlin Wall to west germany as part of an ongoing series of documentaries called Lebensretter. You can find morde information about it on this website:
We are also looking at other cases concerning the Berlin Wall and came across the US tank that ran amok in 1974. We are very interested in using the picture on your website:
Do you have any further information where it is from or who took it? Also, if you have any other material or information I would be glad if you could leave me an email so we can get in touch.

Many thanks in advance
05.06.2018, 03:15

I was stationed at TCA 74-77, Base Supply.
18.03.2018, 16:42
Gregory Bogle

I was stationed at Co. B USAFSB and lived at Andrews Barracks in Building 903 from July 1977 through November 1979. After ETS'ing from the Army, I continued working at Teufelsberg as a civilian contractor until February 1989.
I have been lucky to be able to visit Berlin at least every two years since I departed that great city.
Last week I was again in Berlin for a conference and afterward spent another two days working and just hanging out. I stayed at the Arpion Hotel, which used to be the "old new barracks" of FSB in Building 908 next to Theklastraße.
14.03.2018, 14:31
Sgt. Steven Hines
EMail:  Homepage:

FSB 1985-1989
Worked at T-Berg.
Will get back to Berlin before i die.Best assignment in the ARMY.
07.03.2018, 18:31
Sgt. William "Lee" Brady

I served back in 1968-1969, B 4/18. Hoping to connect with some of the guys from then.
07.03.2018, 01:30
Michael Crutcher
EMail:  Homepage: http://

Great pictures that bring back great memories. We lived on the 4th floor at 230 Argentinische Allee, and I was assigned to USMLM from 1975 to 1978. Great assignment, and it was wonderful to live in Berlin, West Berlin at the time!
02.02.2018, 01:10
Brenda Nesbitt

Can anyone give me information on the current whereabouts of SP5 Richard Gardner who served in Berlin from 1963 to approximately 1965 in an administrative role. He was either at McNair Barracks or Andrews.
20.12.2017, 23:16
Andreas Kneiseler

Hi, I used to work at the deh, MESB ADP Center.

Thank you Achim, that there is still this website.

Old memories came back when I saw the photos of the MESB party.

Are there any colleagues back then from the time at the Elektro Shop or the MESB ADP Center?

Merry XMas for you all !
02.12.2017, 19:55

i remember, everyday 5 o cock pm, the mc nair barrack plays a fanfare. what is the name of the fanfare?
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