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Nr.: 31
Datum: 31.05.2009, 17:59 Uhr
Name: Pablo Llamazares
E-Mail: llamazarg@yahoo.com.ar

There TOO many points incorrect here. I suggest you to update, specially in the first part. Also in other parts of your exposition there several false things. It's a pity for you and other people who doesn't know the NAC.

Nr.: 30
Datum: 25.05.2009, 20:02 Uhr
Name: Axel Lochmann
E-Mail: axel.lochmann@web.de

Über den Inhalt dieser Seiten kann ich nur den Kopf schütteln. Schlecht recherchiert, polemisch und von Leuten mit negativen Erfahrungen zu sehr subjektiv beeinflusst. Kritisches Hinterfragen ist gut, muss aber ordentlich gemacht werden. Außerdem stimmen Daten und Fakten teilweise nicht. Bitte ändern oder aus dem Netz nehmen.

Nr.: 29
Datum: 12.05.2009, 22:05 Uhr
Name: LukasBraun
E-Mail: lukaskuschel@googlemail.com

Was hast du eigentlich für Probleme? Die meißten Angaben in der Hompage sind frei erfunden und stimmen nicht über ein. Informiere dich besser und lass den scheiß verdammt noch mal. Ich hoffe dass Gott Gnade mit dir haben wird.

Nr.: 28
Datum: 08.05.2009, 20:01 Uhr
Name: Jürgen

Es ist doch immer wieder eine Freude, diese Seiten zu lesen und zu spüren, wie die Wut auf das System NAK hochkocht. Noch bin ich nicht weit genug von der NAK entfernt, dass ich keine Wut bräuchte um mich von dem, was ich über 40 Jahre lang erlebt und fast 20 Jahre lang als Mitarbeiter unterstützt habe, zu lösen. Diese lange Zeit wischt man nicht einfach so weg.
Mich wundert nur, dass mich Fakten über dieses System so aus dem Häuschen bringen. Die Kritik brauche ich schon gar nicht mehr.
Gott sei Dank, bin ich Christ geblieben, habe weder meinen Glauben an Gott und Jesus Christus verloren, noch bin ich im nächsten NAK-ähnlichen System gelandet!
Ich frage mich nur, warum ich so lange gebraucht habe, um zu verstehen, was in dem Laden abgeht.
Seiten wie diese haben mir bei meinem Schritt geholfen. Danke für den Mut!

Nr.: 27
Datum: 16.04.2009, 17:30 Uhr
Name: Barbara Bennemann
E-Mail: barbara_bennemann@gmx.de


Woher haben sie eigentlich ihre "mittelalterlichen, ja vorsintflutlichen" Infos über die Neuapostolische Kirche?
HAbe selten so einen bösen Unsinn gelesen. Unmöglich, sogar unverschämt. Wann waren Sie das letzte Mal in unserer Kirche? 1955?

Nr.: 26
Datum: 24.12.2008, 23:56 Uhr
Name: Sabine E.
E-Mail: esperester-sabine@web.de

Hallo, ich möchte eine Hausarbeit für die Uni schreiben, in der ich die Unterschiede zwischen dem katholischen und neuapostolischen Glauben hinsichtlich des Gemeindelebens, Organisation, Dogmatik und Sakramente herausarbeiten möchte. Das Problem ist nur, dass es über die nak überhaupt keine Literatur in den Bibliotheken gibt. Kann mir da jemand helfen??? Sabine

Nr.: 25
Datum: 18.12.2008, 08:24 Uhr
Name: Clinton Tomlinson
E-Mail: clint.eutom@telkomsa.net

Hi. How are you? I'm well. I read through the research with interest. I am a minister in the New Apostolic Church. From what I read, it seems as though you were once a member? I may be wrong. Look, I don't want to lash out at you and I respect your point of view. I used to feel the same way on alot of the points you mentioned. I once even left the Church for the same reasons. However I must say; if you want to beat a dog, you will find a stick. One cannot make comments and assumtions on anything not properly understood, and even more so when it comes to faith. Looking at Christ's church, work and order from human intellect, will result in the negative views expressed in the article, that's the way the devil works! I will pray that God gives you heart to see his work in FAITH. Then you will have the correct perspective of his order. I promise you, you will never be the same again. One thing to consider; A police officer represents the law, he is not the law. However if you break the law, he has the authority to take action. This power has been given to him by the powers that be. You see, the Apostles are not Christ. However they represent Christ. Christ has given them authority to carry out his work. When we follow them, we follow Christ. It is the same as in business. If the workers do not listen to the manager, then they dissobey the owner. If they obey the manager, they obey and honour the owner. We as New Apostolics follow this order with joy! Finally, we do not say that we follow the only way, we follow the way we have been called to. Best Regards Clinton

Nr.: 24
Datum: 06.11.2008, 10:56 Uhr
Name: Jonathan
E-Mail: Jonics@telkomsa.net

I will pray for you my friend.

Nr.: 23
Datum: 31.10.2008, 21:45 Uhr
Name: Michele
E-Mail: nacweb@live.com

(cont from previous post)

This world is our testing ground, as well as a place where God wants us to glorify Him. Just like someone might give testimony in court, God likes to hear us testify of His goodness. Besides just talking about Him, we can sing & use music to praise God, in countless ways, not just bound to traditional or classical. Also, we can live our life with a faith that God always has a plan for what happens & hopefully we’ll be taken to be with him on the First Resurrection.

We are not elitists. We welcome everyone to share in this awesome work. God will be gracious to whom He will be gracious. He is the only one who can judge.

One man said to another, “What if there is no God when I die? No life after death. What if when I die, I’m just dead?” The other said, “What if there is God? I’d rather have believed & just be dead than to not believe & He was there all along.”

Thank you for helping me be firmer in my beliefs & faith, even in your opposition. There is so much God has done for us. We should glorify god the best we know how.

Nr.: 22
Datum: 31.10.2008, 21:33 Uhr
Name: Michele
E-Mail: nacweb@live.com

I’ve also been “researching” the New Apostolic Church for about 30 years. I believe I do know quite a bit about my own religion & it’s funny you assume none of us know what our beliefs & doctrine is, but you think you do. Some of the statements you make are true; backed up by the official NAC website. Please refer to www.newapostolicchurch.org . You can change some of your points based on this, as many more of your statements are not true; just ignorant opinions. In your article, you mention you only want to give points on doctrine. Why is the official NAC website not substantial enough?

Why did you stop “researching” after 30 years? 3 times a week? One of the best lines I heard was, “If you want to hang out with a bunch of sinners, come to church.” Isn’t that one of the biggest reasons we come to church? We know we’re sinners. We want to try to be better people & have our sins forgiven so we can be strengthened in our soul. During Holy Communion we are closest to God & Jesus. Maybe sensing a little piece of heaven on earth is why we feel a homesickness to be with God & earth just doesn’t seem so great anymore.

(cont on next post)

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