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Glenn   EMail: 
11.04.2010, 23:55

Found a small Hedgehog in October at only 320grams! with your help I have just released him back into the wild at 592grams with not fleas and no ticks! Hope he makes it, we will miss him :)

greg   EMail: 
18.01.2010, 11:53

this site is the best one about hedgehogs! i also found three ones in my garden an your site gives all informations really better than the french ones!

tim   EMail: 
26.09.2006, 22:45

well I can't believe I'm the first in the english guestbook !
After our recent discovery of 3 hedgehogs in the garden, your site gave me all the information I needed to encourage them to stay, so a big thankyou for a wonderful site full of useful information.

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