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no.: 7
date: 15.02.1999, 09:44
email: ***********

Hi ! We are from Russia and going on bikes to Mongolia in summer 1999. But I can't open your map! Could you please send it to me and GPS points by e-mail to: Kind regards, Denis

no.: 6
date: 13.01.1999, 22:34
name: Sarah Scragg
email: ***********
favorite snack on tour: meusli bars
wildest tour so far: Tibet

Loved your home page. We are off to Mongolia in July this year with our bikes and your info was a great help. Keep up the remote riding.

no.: 5
date: 27.11.1998, 20:56
name: Ben
email: ***********
wildest tour so far: Tunisia

What a brilliant site. I am planning to go to Mongolia soon and this was a brilliant site!

no.: 4
date: 19.09.1998, 15:41
name: Volkmar Mehling
email: ***********
wildest tour so far: Destuben - Rödensdorf

Hallo, eure Seite ist gut geworden!

no.: 3
date: 11.09.1998, 15:37
name: Cristo C., Gavilla Gomez.
email: ***********

Mountain Biking Mongolia'99 For more information contact us Now!

no.: 2
date: 09.06.1998, 16:54
name: Lars Hojer
email: ***********
wildest tour so far: 9 months expedition in Mongolia 1995/6

Funny to get to know that other people have travelled by bike in Mongolia. Me and a friend went from UB to a place not far from Hovd in 1995 as part of Expedition Trans-Mongolia 1995.

no.: 1
date: 06.05.1998, 21:19
name: Thomas Yorke
email: ***********
favorite snack on tour: Mars bars
wildest tour so far: none

I am only 9 at the moment

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