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no.: 87
date: 25.08.2008, 18:15
name: keith
email: ***********
favorite snack on tour: anything
wildest tour so far: asda

read your site some great tips to help us along on our trip in tibet in 2009 ? thanks very helpfull , keith

no.: 86
date: 12.06.2008, 16:15
name: Federico Wild Biking
email: ***********
favorite snack on tour: Dried fruit
wildest tour so far: Patagonia 1999

Congratulations for your travels, really beautiful and adventurous.
I have read part of your stories on your website and I would like to invite you posting the stories, or part of them, on the newly born blogsite dedicated to nofear travel, like you did.

Ciao and have a nice journey .

no.: 85
date: 28.05.2008, 19:36
name: bambi
email: ***********
favorite snack on tour: anything
wildest tour so far: china

hello guys,
ever since i had planning my bike tour 3 years ago, i had been clicking your Web which eventually inspired until today.
i have 2 questions for you guys,
how can i make this do-it-yourself power bar and what is your charging set-up for your batteries?

no.: 84
date: 09.05.2008, 16:27
name: Witold Szymanski
email: ***********
wildest tour so far: MPI Golm

Greetings from Poland!

no.: 83
date: 17.04.2008, 05:18
name: Wil Rhys Davies
email: ***********
wildest tour so far: Life

Ineresting website, and I'm happy to see so much self supported travel including the home made food. Excellent logs and facts, your photo's are an inspirationing as are the journeys. Respects, Wil Rhys Davies

no.: 82
date: 06.03.2008, 11:18
name: Raul Alferez
email: ***********
favorite snack on tour: Granola Bars - Fruits - Peanuts.
wildest tour so far: Colombia to Peru

Thank you for all your warm information and powerfull soul trip.

All the best
Proud Colombian

no.: 81
date: 18.01.2008, 19:15
name: Amiram
email: ***********
favorite snack on tour: Fruits if available, dried fruits, otherwise porridge
wildest tour so far: Berlin to India and back

Hey Andy,
Hey Waltraut,

fantastic tours and big respect for such an impressive logbook of years in the saddle!
Some cool ideas to consider in terms of bike setup.
Hey I would really like to have you guys join Ragna and me 2008/2009 somewhere on the in Eastern Africa.

Big cheers


no.: 80
date: 21.12.2007, 11:06
name: Tino
email: ***********

er sehr interessante seite hast du,wir würden uns über deinen besuch freuen!

no.: 79
date: 01.12.2007, 16:04
name: Aldo
favorite snack on tour: pasta

Hallo Freunde!
Ich komme aus Italien, und bin ein Radfahrer.
Am liebsten fahre ich in Deutschland, und finde den Radwegenetz sehr gut gemacht!
Ich gratliere Euch zu Eure hompage und zu Eure wilde Reise!

no.: 78
date: 22.11.2007, 04:49
name: Seth Keena-Levin
email: ***********
favorite snack on tour: Peanut butter & honey on a tortilla.
wildest tour so far: Minneapolis MN->Seattle WA->SanFran CA .

You guys have inspired not only myself, but also many many others I have shown your site. From making your own food, to conducting research, you have mastered a aspect of cycling that is very unique.
I would love to hear if you are in the USA or even Oregon(check out the S.E OR very remote). Any spots open on the team, look me up!

no.: 77
date: 15.08.2007, 15:37
name: lori brumat
email: ***********

Hi and thanks for all the information on your website. My partner and I would like to cycle Patagonia for a month with our son, Ennio, who'll be 18 months old when we leave. Any advice would be very welcome. Thanks!

no.: 76
date: 15.06.2007, 05:47
name: John Peter
email: ***********
favorite snack on tour: Dried apricots & unsalted roasted nuts.
wildest tour so far: Laugh if you will..A 50 mile fun ride.

I'm a 60yo disabled diesel mechanic (very bad knees) that needs a new adventure, "advent-cha before demen-cha."
I discovered this site via looking for BOB Yak/Ibex reviews. I will be touring the USA by powered bicycle pulling a BOB. Power will be provided by a EPA approved cert II 35cc 4 stroke engine. Cheating? Yes. But my knees are gone and I'm not going to stay home another year.

You folks are quite mad but I can not help but be drawn into this site. I have read about half the English text and have looked at most of the images. I have used a couple as Avatars, it reminds me of this site and the courage 'n stamina you two possess.
I will return to this site often.

My best to you both,

no.: 75
date: 02.06.2007, 13:51
name: Uwe Korndörfer
email: ***********
favorite snack on tour: Müssli Riegel oder andere um Energie zu tanken
wildest tour so far: Oslo- Nordkap

Hallo ihr beiden. Ich bin beim Forumtreffen dieses Jahr auf euch aufmerksam geworden und habe mir einen Film von Tibet von euch angeschaut. Es war unglaublich was ihr so erlebt bzw. gesehen habt. Im Gegenteil zu Euch bin ich nur ein kleineres Licht. Das ist bedingt durch mangelnden Urlaub um so große Trail zu machen wie ihr. Dieses Jahr ist bei mir Island dran. In Gedanken habe ich jetzt eure Tour. Ob ich selber einmal dazu kommen werde kann ich nicht sagen, mal sehen.
Ich wollte nur sagen macht weiter so.
Gruß Uwe

no.: 74
date: 14.05.2007, 20:19
name: Gabi und Christian
favorite snack on tour: pasta
wildest tour so far: Kuba - totally different !!

Hallo Waltraud und Andy, ich habe gerade etwas in Euren schönen Seiten geblättert und einige Anregungen gefunden.
Liebe Grüße aus dem Allgäu, Gabi und Christian

no.: 73
date: 19.02.2007, 23:24
name: Bernd
email: ***********
wildest tour so far: Sahara, Northcap, Russia, Greece, Scottland


Habe Eure website in die eu-mot - Linksammlung aufgenommen:

unter #4.2 - ABENTEUER - ADVENTURES - sonstige Reisen

Freundliche Grüsse - Bernd Egger

no.: 72
date: 18.09.2006, 11:52
name: Oliver
email: ***********

Hallo Waltraud und Andy,

traf euch am Samstag auf der IFMA und möchte mich nochmal ganz herzlich für die Tibet DVD bedanken.
Bin von euer Tibetreise sehr begeistert.Für die Leistung und Strapatzen meinen allergößten Respekt.

Die DVD wird mir helfen aus meiner bevorsehenden Radfahrer-Winter-Depression zu kommen, also kann ich dem gelassen entgegen sehen.

Für eure weiteren Reisen viel Glück und Gesundheit.

Euer Fan,
Oliver aus Kassel.

Hallo Oliver,
Danke für dein Lob - es freut uns, daß dir die Tibet-DVD so viel Spaß bereitet hat. Es war ja auch eine sehr schöne Tour.

no.: 71
date: 30.08.2006, 15:41
name: cam
email: ***********
favorite snack on tour: after a days cycling i will eat anything! pizza is best
wildest tour so far: europe to australia, best bit was crossing tibet.

just a quick thank you for the great links about cycle touring in my own country- australia. the canning stock route trip was fantastic. it was good to get not only ideas and information about such trips but also inspiration and motivation. so, thanks again for providing such links, as well as a great website of your own. bye for now.

no.: 70
date: 12.05.2006, 13:23
name: Gilmo
email: ***********
favorite snack on tour: WATER!
wildest tour so far: Patagonia 2005

Hi from Italy!
I like your website! ...and your way of travelling as well!
Thank you for sharing your experience.
Have a look to my website (still under construction).
See you on the road somewhere

no.: 69
date: 10.02.2006, 18:51
name: Cyclown Circus
email: ***********
favorite snack on tour: umm...
wildest tour so far: umm...

We are a circus traveling on tall bikes for the last 5 years across 21 countries, for an average of 9 months of each year on the road. We are heading this spring to Russia and later southeast asia, and would like any information about getting overloaded bikes on the transsiberian railway. Our website is way outdated and if you want more modern information do a google search for Cyclown Circus.
Vielen dank!

no.: 68
date: 02.02.2006, 17:43
name: danny
email: ***********
favorite snack on tour: solang ich in deutschland bin bratcurry am imbiss. ansonsten natuerlich ne banane zwischendurch
wildest tour so far: von hamburg nach oberstdorf

hut ab vor euren leistungen. ich bin fasziniert, und gleichzeitig motiviert neue touren zu fahren. leider finde ich hier in frankfurt nie einenradfahrpartner. dieses jahr fahre ich von frankfurt nach rom. letztes jahr bin ich von hamburg nach oberstdorf. ich wollte euch recht herzlich gruessen


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